We Are Not Scheduling Any More Classes As Of 7-26-17.  Thank you. 

We are located 45 minutes south of Colorado Springs in Penrose, Colorado. It’s a beautiful drive!

To Schedule a Class, Call 719-651-9819

Gift Certificates available for all classes…if you see a class you want to take but not a date that works for you, we can schedule a special class for groups of 4!  (If your family, friends or work group is larger than 4, we can create a class that works for you!)

The Goat Cheese Making Class! (Basic) 

(Farm Tour, Milking, Bread Making, Soft Goat Cheese and Mozzarella making…followed by a farm fresh brunch!) 8:15am to 1:15ish pm.      Read more…

You will take a farm tour, milk the goats, collect eggs, make honey whole wheat bread, soft Goat Cheese and Mozzarella with fresh goat’s milk, indulge in a farm fresh brunch and take home a 4 oz bottle of Goat Milk Lotion, a bar of Goat Milk Soap and a tube of Goat Milk Lip Balm (all made here on our farm)!  Cost:  $100 per person.  Read more…

*Gift Certificates are Available for All Classes!**

July, 2017

Saturday, July 29 (1 Spot Left)

August, 2017

Saturday, August 12 (SOLD OUT)

(Special Classes/Dates Available On Request!    Weekdays are also available, Just ask!  If You Don’t See A Date That Works For You, Just Ask!)

Kid’s Class

(Milk goats, spend time with animals, make and eat simple goat cheese, drink white milkshakes!)  Two and a Half Hours Long, Can be Scheduled to Meet Your Group’s Needs  Read More…


Each class will include milking and spending time with the goats, meeting the chickens, making (and eating!) a mild, herbed, soft, creamy, (and simple to make at home!) goat’s milk cheese…plus…guzzling up our famous WHITE MILK SHAKES!!!  The kids will get to take home some of the cheese and all of the memories they make!  No age limit…if you think your children would like it, they are welcome! 6 children per class.           Cost: $25 per child.

The Advanced Cheese Making Class

(Milking and Learn to Make Feta, Traditional Chevre and Cuban hard cheese…followed by a farm fresh brunch!) 8:15am to 1:30pm    Read More…

Have you already taken The Goat Cheese Making Class and want to progress your cheese making skills?  Or do you already make cheese at home and want to learn more about advanced cheeses?

Come join us to milk the goats, learn to make traditional chevre, goat milk feta and Cuban hard cheese…and of course, indulge in a gourmet farm fresh brunch!  We will discuss aging, cheese caves, bacterial cultures and review rennet.  This class is only available to students who have already taken The Goat Cheese Making Class or who have made rennet based cheeses at home.  Cost:  $100.

“Just Cheese” Making Class

(Making soft goat cheese, mozarella, ricotta.  No milking or brunch.) 9-12 or 2-5 pm  Read More…

You will  learn to make soft Goat Cheese, Mozzarella, and Ricotta with our farm’s goat milk. You will bring home the recipes and samples of all the cheeses you make.  There is no goat milking or brunch included in this class.  Cost:  $85.

Bread Making Classes

(Make bread and cinnamon rolls.)  9-12 or 2-5 pm  Read More…

You will learn to make homemade freshly ground honey whole wheat bread (the bread we eat at brunch in The Goat Cheese Making Class!!)and cinnamon rolls!  You’ll take home the 2 loaves of bread you bake and 1 pan of ready to bake cinnamon rolls!  Bring 2 bread pans, one square or round cake pan and 1 rolling pin.  Cost:  $85.

This class is on hold due to planned opening of The Goat Cheese Lady Creamery Summer, 2017!

On The Road!!

(Classes taught elsewhere…contact class host for more info and to sign up!…call 719-651-9819 to set up a class at your location!)



Buckley’s Homestead Supply, 1501 W. Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO, 80904

Sunday, February 26, 10-2

Saturday, March 18, 10-2

Learn to make feta cheese, chevre and a basic hard cheese all in 4 hours!  You will take home the feta and the basic hard cheese you make and will learn how to age them, you’ll learn how and why to use rennet and bacterial cultures for cheesemaking, and the simple yet time consuming process for making chevre.  We will be using cow’s milk for the cheeses in this class due to the seasonal unavailability of goat milk at our farm.  Call Buckley’s Homestead Supply at 719-358-8510 to sign up.  Each class is limited to 8 people and costs $85 per person.


Goat’s Milk Soap/Lotion Making Classes:

(Make scented or unscented goat milk soap and goat milk lotion.)  9-12 or 2-5 pm   Read More…

You will learn to make goat’s milk soap and goat’s milk lotion from freshly milked goats milk!  You will take home enough soap for 20 bars and one 8 oz bottle of lotion.  Some supplies are required (see below).  Ages 16 and up.  Cost:  $85.  9-12 or 2-5 pm.

Students Provide The Following Supplies for Soap/Lotion Class: 

Only two students per class need to bring supplies.

Stainless steel pot, at least 10″ diameter, 10″ high (Walmart), Wooden spoon, Candy Thermometer (Walmart or Ace or Grocery Store), Handheld Electric Blender (Ace), Rubber dishwashing gloves (Playtex or generic), Eye Protection (sunglasses work fine), 2 Rubber Spatulas (Arc).  NOTE:  You may not want to use these supplies for cooking again!  Don’t bring your best cookware!

The Goat Cheese Lady will provide all other supplies.

Raising Backyard Chickens, 10:00-noon

Please call to schedule a class!  We’ll teach a class for a minimum of 2 people.

You will learn how to raise backyard chickens from bab chicks!  What to feed them, how to take care of them, if they need heat or not, what their coop should look like, what their pen should look like…and how big, how to handle the eggs, how to protect from predators, what to do with the poop, ideas for how to build your own chicken coop, or ideas for where to buy a pre-made chicken coop.  You can also order a custom built coop from The Animal Whisperer (he teaches the class!)  Cost: $25 per person.  Class size limited to 8.

Please call Lindsey at 719-651-9819 to sign up for classes!

To Schedule A Class, Call 719-651-9819


40 Responses to Classes

  1. Looks like a good reason to visit!

  2. Wendy hall says:

    When will you do another goats milk soap class? I would like to buy a seat for myself and a friend as a gift for Christmas. Or do you do gift certificates?

  3. Suzanne says:

    My boyfriend and I are coming from New York and I thought this would be perfect. He is a chef and loves goat cheese. The only thing is the dates aren’t listed. It would be two of us in August preferably the 14th of August. Would that be available?

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  6. I am looking for a cheese making class, preferably on a weekend that could accommodate 6 people. Is there any other times which would be open for this? If not the weekend do you have weekday classes?

  7. Tialie Simpson says:

    would like to know if there are April or May classes for soap making?

    • Tialie, I don’t have any classes on the official schedule right now…but all it takes is 2 people wanting to take a class to get one on the schedule! If you have a friend who would like to take it with you, give me a call and we’ll set it up! 719-651-9819. Lindsey

  8. Rebecca says:

    Unfortunately, i am not suppose to eat any cheeses, bummer. I’m a dialysis patient. I would love to learn how to make goat milk soap. I have heard of the many benefits of this soap. Please let me know of your class schedule . Regards, rebecca

    • Rebecca, I am very behind on returning messages, however I did get your phone call and your last email. I’m so glad you have been persistent! I would love to teach you how to make up milk soap. I scheduled the soap and lotion classes on special request as long as I have two or more people. I don’t usually put one on the schedule. So, if you find a second person who would like to take the class with you, give me a call and we will set it up. If you don’t have a second person to take the class with, I can put you on the list for when I have other people request the class! Lindsey

  9. Ly says:

    Hi i would like to sign up for the goats soap making classes are there any other dates available. I tried calling the numbe posted on the eebsite but it could not go through.

  10. Brenda Thomas says:


    Learned a lot & very excited about doing the advance class, soap & lotions and probably the bread making class, too!

    Thanks for everything & we’ll be talking soon….


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  12. Brenda Thomas says:

    Interested in both cheese classes, soap class too.

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  14. Susan Forde says:

    Hi Lindsey, I am interested in the Just Cheese Making Class, 9am-Noon weekdays Are there any classes planned soon? Thanks!

  15. Mary Lisa Blevins says:


    I found info about you on Craigslist, and navigated here to learn about your coops. I see you have classes. Are you in Colorado Springs? I live in Parker, CO and would love to talk to you about a coop and your class. Our chickens will be arriving in April, raised to pullets. We are excited but want to learn more. MLB

  16. Angela Rothweiler says:

    Got anything online? Can you live webcast? I am in KS?

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  18. Greg Thompson says:

    I’m interested in your class on raising chickens and was trying to find out how often you run them and when the next class will be.

  19. Krystal says:

    I’m interested in a kid’s class, but can’t make any of the July dates. Will you be offering any of these in August or September?

  20. Linda Messinger says:

    Hi Lindsey,
    I have a gift certificate for the full goat cheese making class that my husband gave me for Christmas. He has decided to take the class with me. When will your July schedule be posted? Nothing in June works for me due to my work schedule. If anyone is requesting a weekday class, that might work for us-I am off 7 days and on 7 days. I am a city farmer. I grow vegetables instead of grass, have 6 chickens for eggs, an angora rabbit for the fiber and the fun, 2 bee hives (actually my husband’s pets), a dog and a cat. We stay pretty busy, but always willing to learn something more. I would love to have a pygora goat or two, but not sure we could get away with it in downtown Colorado Springs. Some of your posts have me wondering!!

  21. Lenore Leavey says:

    I am intrested in the care of chickens class. Are you going to be offering that again soon? I would appreciate any information.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Lenore! Thanks for asking! We do have a Raising Backyard Chickens class scheduled for Sunday, May 15 from 1:30 to 3:00 and two classes at Venetucci Farm on Saturday, May 28 from 9-10:30 and 11:30 to 1:00. Do any of those work for you? Lindsey

  22. Regina Andrews says:

    Hi Goat Cheese Lady

    my name is Regina Andrews and I won a fantastic “Goat Cheese Making Clkass” from the PeakDem fundraiser last n night!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DONATING!
    There will be the four of us (Drew and I and a couple of friends) and we where hoping we could do this on a Sunday. Just let me know, which ones you have available. We are looking more towards late May or June

    Cant wait

    Drew and Regina

    • Hi Regina! Congratulations on getting the gift certificate! It is good for one person, and the maximum class size is four…so it sounds like it’ll work out great to have you and Drew and a couple friends! I post the schedules about one to two months in advance, so keep your eye on the schedule of classes on the site. I do classes many Sunday’s each month, so I’m sure we’ll get one that’ll work in May or June! Lindsey

  23. Tammy says:

    I saw that your Planning & Starting Your Organic Garden class on Saturday, Feb. 5th, is full. Will you be having another class, and when? Thanks~

  24. Elise Bowan says:

    Hi Lindsey-

    It’s so great you are doing this. I am asking for a gift certificate for Christmas for your class.

  25. Deb Flesher-Bratt says:

    I am interested in the soap/lotion class. For the cost of $70.00 how many products will this yield? (# of soap bars and or size lotion). Are containers for the lotion and or soap molds provided or should I bring something special as I plan to give these as gifts?

    • Hi Deb, You’ll get about 24-26 bars of soap and 1 1/2 cups of lotion. You can get more soap if you want to use smaller, decorative type molds. We typically use a variety of non-decorative molds, everything from shoe box lids to plastic food containers. Once these shoe box lid sized soap bars dry for a day, you cut them into the bar size of your liking. If you’d like something more special to give as gifts, please do bring your own!
      – Lindsey

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