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Coffee ‘n Goats

There’s nothing quite like sitting on a rock, drinking coffee (and eating chocolate chips, of course)  and watching the goats enjoy the fresh, green grass. They’ve been penned up most of the winter because there’s just not much natural forage … Continue reading

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What Are You Doing This Summer? (hint: it includes milking goats)

Will you be spending time relaxing in Colorado this summer?  Or do you know someone who is?  Are you looking for memory making experiences with the kids? We are offering a handful of NEW CLASSES along with our current classes … Continue reading

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It’s My Birthday!!

I’m 39!  Not 43 or 52 saying I’m 39.  I really am 39!  Today at 8:19 pm. Next year I’ll be 40. I’m OK with that.  Since I’m still 39. And to celebrate the ending of my 39th year of life … Continue reading

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The Goats Won! Part 2

Back in 2011, I put “change city goat policy” on my Dream List.  At the time, our goats were legal because we have more that 3/4 acres of land, but I wanted anyone in the city to be able to have … Continue reading

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The Goats Won!

Colorado Springs City Council legalized up to two goats (less than 100 pounds) as pets at about 8:30 tonight in a unanimous vote! More on it tomorrow… Sleep well future goat owners!! –  The Goat Cheese Lady

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Do Fingerprints Grow Back?

Because I have lost a few of mine.   Volunteering at elementary school field day yesterday, I took my self-induced bi-annual challenge to climb the rope. Remember that thick, splintery rope that dangles from the ceilings of elementary school gyms … Continue reading

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Clean Eating.

I got a message  a couple of weeks  ago from Annie Snead asking if she could interview me about “clean eating”.  It was the second time in three days I had heard the phrase, but still had no idea what it was.  … Continue reading

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