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Wap Wap

I was abused as a child.  By the piano.  My sister and I, and all of our unsuspecting cousins, were forced by our mothers, to take piano lessons.  From Aunt Verda.  I believe I can speak for all of us:  … Continue reading

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Like Sands Through The Hour Glass…

So are the Days of Our Lives.  That’s how my day started last Friday.  And, no, I wasn’t watching TV.  (Although I used to sneak Days of Our Lives when I was little, I wasn’t allowed to watch soap operas … Continue reading

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Gardening Class

 The Goat Cheese Lady presents: Planning and Starting Your Organic Garden:  Seed Starting and Garden Design With Robin from Good Earth Garden Center When:  Saturday, February 5, 2011  3-4:30 pm   Where:  Westside of Colorado Springs, The Goat Cheese Lady’s House, … Continue reading

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My Radio Debutt. I Mean, Debut.

 It happened.  I, and 4 of my cheeses, appeared on KVOR am 740 at approximately 12:13 pm last Saturday.  I actually spoke without my brain slamming shut in the face of knowing that tens of people were listening.  And, I didn’t … Continue reading

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I’m ruined.

Any self-respecting Costco shopper knows about the samples.  And often plans their shopping trip around the samples.  I.E. show up when there are the most samples.  I used to be self-respecting.  Now, I’m ruined.  And, I just realized it today.  … Continue reading

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It Pays To Know People

I know people.  I know important, really smart people.  I know Annie. And I know Dan.  (2nd from right) And, soon, I’ll know Matt Lauer. First and Foremost:  Annie and Dan.  They have no idea who the other is, but they … Continue reading

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I’ll be on the RADIO!

This Saturday, January 22, 2011, it is true.  Either turn your radio off…or turn it up!  I’ll be talking.  About what?  I’m not sure.  We’ll see what noises come out of my face.  If they turn out to be audible … Continue reading

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