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NEW Schedule of Classes!

  Take a look at the new schedule!  Along with lots of opportunities to take The Goat Cheese Making Class, there is also a Soap and Lotion Making Class, a Kid’s Class and a Hard Cheese Making Class on the … Continue reading

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Milking. Outside. And the bear.

Question:  What do you do when there is a bear wandering around outside, it’s dark, the goats and chickens are still out, and you have to milk? Two nights ago, The Animal Whisperer woke me up because he saw a … Continue reading

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thank you.

To say THANK YOU! would be kind of like yelling a really excited THANK YOU! To say Thank you! would be more like signing off on a letter. But to say thank you. is to say it humbly, from the depths … Continue reading

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the RACE.

I haven’t really ever watched much of the Tour de France…except for when my dad said, “come here!  You’ve got to watch The Crash!”  Which he replayed a few times for us on his TV recording. I’ve heard some names, … Continue reading

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Recipe of the Day: #9

Over the winter, people told me how great roasted beets and goat cheese are.  I, back then, when I didn’t even know what “foodie” meant, had never eaten and had no idea how to make, roasted beets. Now.  I’m addicted.  … Continue reading

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And The Verdict Is…

Go to the doctor at the grocery store.  It’s totally worth it. I showed up at the grocery store yesterday at 8:30 am with my 4-year-old, as you may recall, for his preschool physical, which I almost forgot to get … Continue reading

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What Is The Problem With This Picture?

My 4-year-old needs a preschool physical.  Today is Monday.  He needs it before Wednesday.  Oops.  I forgot about it. My bad. BUT. Here’s the issue. I called his pediatrician’s office, a group of a bunch of good doctors who are … Continue reading

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Recipe of the Day: #8

The best things are simply made.  They are the best because they require only a few ingredients and taste delicious and don’t require a lot of work.  My kind of food.  Tomato Queso Fresco Salad Start with making the Queso … Continue reading

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Gail’s Garden

Just look at it.  It is on a hillside slope where deer love to frolic (unless Jem the Australian Shepard is out making his rounds) and where water in most Colorado summers tends to be scarce. The solutions:  Deer Fence … Continue reading

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Recipe of the Day: #7

When my six-year-old turned seven, when my three-year-old turned four, and when my forty-two-year-old turned forty-three, I made this cake.  And, I’ve made it for almost any other special occasion or chocolate craving attack that happens in our family.  It … Continue reading

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