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Rain and Flame.

I was in the house with the boys.  The Animal Whisperer called me at 5:32pm from the barn (aaaaahhh, the benefits of cell phones) to tell me: “YOU BETTER GET DOWN HERE!!!”  I heard unnatural screaming in the background and needed … Continue reading

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Star Popped!

She had two girls today around 5pmish.  More tomorrow after we get our 3 hours and 45 minutes of sleep before we get up to check on and feed everyone.  (One kid is nursing well and is with mom, the … Continue reading

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Who’s Gonna Pop First?

Dottie or Star?  Both are with child.  What’s your guess?  One key piece of information…a goat’s gestation period is 5 months.  Ish. DOTTIE: Dottie was bred in October or early November…we’re not exactly sure.  She’s kidded (had babies) one time … Continue reading

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Is it…Spring??

The Animal Whisperer announced today, at 7:17 am, that he was going to the store.  The store?  At 7?  In disbelief, I watched him go.  What could he need from the store at this hour?  We do need coffee filters, … Continue reading

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The Coffee Debacle.

All they wanted was some coffee.  All I wanted was some coffee.  Debacle: “a great disaster, a complete failure.”  Enter the unsuspecting guests, this morning’s Goat Cheese Making Class students, Grant, Claire and Linnea. Now, as most of you readers … Continue reading

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Squeaky Curds!!

I am often asked if I’ve made squeaky curds.  After my initial response of:  Squeaky What?, I learned they are some sort of an obsession in Wisconsin.  OK.  But, what’s the big deal about cheese that squeaks?  (I didn’t embarrass … Continue reading

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While I convalesced yesterday, I did a number of things I hadn’t gotten the chance to do for some time…yet had wanted to do.  Here they are: 1.  Washed my sick lady sheets. 2.  Visited blogs I’ve been wanting to … Continue reading

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Back From The Dead.

That would be me. I was two steps away from death yesterday morning, at least that’s how I felt. I awoke in and out of cold sweats and hot fevers, needles of fever pains jabbing randomly at corners of my feet … Continue reading

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The Chicken Man.

My husband IS The Chicken Man. He might not appreciate that name, and I didn’t pre-authorize this name with him, however, it’s true. He is The Chicken Man.  At least he will be on the days he’s teaching the Raising … Continue reading

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The Thrill Is Gone

From Eating. Which is a bummer, because, I love to eat. I especially love to eat brunch at the goat cheese making class because it is DELICIOUS!!!!  Hand crafted cheeses with exceptional flavors, farm fresh, bright yellow eggs, warm freshly … Continue reading

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