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Recipe of the Day: #3

Ricotta Stuffed Pumpkin Blossoms I promised a new recipe every day, and I intend to deliver.  It is still day #3.  There are still 33 minutes left in day #3.  And, even though you probably already went to bed and won’t get this until … Continue reading

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Michele’s Really Cool Job

Meet Michele.  She’s responsible for all of the bread and yogurt pictures that will soon show up on these pages.  She was the only student and my right-hand-(wo)man yesterday at The Goat Cheese Class.  She’s good at pictures.    She’s also … Continue reading

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Recipe of the Day: #2

Instead of throwing my computer through the window, I’ll just have to post this recipe without pictures. This is the bread recipe everyone eats in The Goat Cheese Making Class, and the recipe so many have asked for!  Only, without … Continue reading

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The Goat Cheese Lady’s Recipe Page

Check out the new Goat Cheese Lady Recipe Page!!! That is where you will find the farm fresh, home cooked dishes that I prepare for my family.  Oh, they are so lucky.  And, even my boys are learning to appreciate … Continue reading

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Introducing: The Salvadorean Bobsled Team!

The Animal Whisperer has always joked that El Salvador has a bobsled team.  He thinks if Jamaica can have one, so can his country.  In every winter Olympics, he points out the person walking in with the Salvadorean flag at the … Continue reading

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Talking Fountain

Look at these.  Now, picture goldish ones of these.  And, picture me, a young (thirsty) college girl in the first of many visits to the Seattle Tacoma Airport on my way to 4 years of brilliance training.  I needed it, because … Continue reading

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Culture Magazine

Check out page 102 in the summer issue. We’re in it!!!  (With only one exception, Lucy is not, and never has been, a cow.) A few months ago, a woman called saying she was writing an article for Culture Magazine … Continue reading

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I Must Be Sick or Something.

For the second day in a row, I did not need a nap.  And I don’t mean just a cat nap.  I mean a 2 or 3 hour dead-to-the-world nap starting around 1ish for the last several months.  Thaaaaaaaaannnk Goodness!  It’s nice … Continue reading

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Boyd Houses

Disclaimer:  I have never been to New York and have never met anyone who pronounces “bird”, “boyd”. That said, I had a cockateel growing up, Nibbles.  Much to my mother’s chagrin, Nibbles lived to be 72.  In people years.  OK.  … Continue reading

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Candace and The Ag Journal

Candace Krebs, the marketing director for Ranch Foods Direct, spent some time here a few weeks ago and wrote this great article for the Ag Journal.  She included my friend, Bonnie, from Chickens in the Kitchen too!  (Bonnie, aka, our goat … Continue reading

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