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This Year’s Chicken Coops For Sale…So Far…(He’s always inventing more!)

Coop prices start at $400.  Call Herbert for details.  719-651-6480. Coop with Side Nesting Box.  Easy to access egg boxes, just raise the small right side roof and grab out the eggs!  Comes with ladder into the front door of … Continue reading

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Killer Cheese

I came across an obscure quote in a crumbling, ancient cheesemaking book.  It was from a monk who developed an interesting following of cheese afficionados.  He lived 2000 years ago. “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a … Continue reading

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Vinegar: Serving up Cheese Made With Petroleum ???

The simplest cheese I teach to make and the simplest cheese that people make all over the world…is made with vinegar. Or is it made with synthetic alcohol derived from petroleum or natural gas which is then used to make … Continue reading

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The White Buffalo

  A herd of buffalo.  A fairly common sight driving through South Park in Colorado…on the way to skiing in the mountains.  Not nearly as common as seeing herds of cows, and much more nostalgic…definitely something to wake the kids … Continue reading

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Recipe: Honey Fig Ricotta

Ricotta is a lot like ice cream.  WHAT???  Yes. When it is drizzled with honey and speckled with sliced figs, it actually ranks up there with ice cream.  OK, you might need to be a cheese loving adult to appreciate … Continue reading

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I Just Called My Congressman and Senators.

I get emails from a group called Food Democracy Now.   Today, I got this email: “In the next 48 hours your Senators and Congressperson needs to hear from you immediately. By Wednesday COB, a bicameral letter will be sent to the … Continue reading

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Recipe: Apple Almond Agave Chevre

We made a version of this at the custom Cuban Hard Cheese, Feta and Chevre class I taught last week.  After the class, I made it again…like this.  I ate most of it in one sitting. By myself.  First, if you … Continue reading

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