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Happy New Year!!!

It’s time for DREAM LISTS AGAIN!!!  Yahoo!!!  It’s always motivating to feel like you’ve got a clean slate…that you can start anew.  Thanks to my mom’s passion for setting goals and dreams and figuring out how to attain them, my … Continue reading

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Free Calcium For Your Chickens!

If you have chickens, you have eggs.  Therefore, as a natural byproduct, you have eggshells.  Lots of them. You’ve always wondered what to do with the cracked little gems…you put them in the compost, or you fill the little shells … Continue reading

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Karen’s Hard Cheese

A funny thing happens when you’re The Goat Cheese Lady.  Nearly every weekend, people drive down the driveway, park near the Tie Your Horses Here sign (note to readers: we have no horses.  That’s The Animal Whisperer’s way of saying … Continue reading

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Take The Holiday Gift Buying Challenge!!!

The Challenge Is:  Buy Everything You Can From A Local Business or Person. By buying everything you can locally, we are supporting businesses and people in our own communities.  I am no economist, and it took me years to understand … Continue reading

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Singing: All I Want For Christ-mas Is A Chi-cken Coop (Gift Certificate)!!!

You’ve already got your two front teeth, so this year, (think of the song in your head)….“All I want for Christ-mas is a chi-cken coop.”   You know you’ve been thinking about getting chickens, right?  I mean, it’s the newest … Continue reading

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