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Stuff For Sale

Every time, when I was little, that we went to the mountains to ski, we’d look for the “Stuff for Sale” sign.  It was in the yard of a run down cabin set right next to Highway 24.  Not too … Continue reading

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Another Thing About Disbudding

Back at Marilan’s yesterday, we had our two newest girls disbudded.  It all went the same as the last disbudding experience, but last time I forgot to mention the pain reliever.  Marilan takes good care of the babies. As you may recall, … Continue reading

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It is a shame that I had to be taught how to make popcorn.  Real popcorn, I mean.  You’d think that would be knowledge that our foremothers would have taught us.  Many nights, Ma and Pa eat it in bed in … Continue reading

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Farm Latches.

The Animal Whisperer creates all kinds.  Ya never know what you’re gonna get. –  The Goat Cheese Lady

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Dottie Blew…And We Made Cheese.

It started out as a typical Goat Cheese Making Class.  Just four friendly students here for a Saturday morning of milking, cheesemaking and eating.  It went smoothly until my six-year-old blasted through the kitchen door with the newsflash: “WE’RE HAVING … Continue reading

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The String Cheese Incident And My Trip To The Big City.

I have mentioned my City Girl sister before.  But have never really talked about Matt, her husband.  Well, Matt’s time is due, because he generously footed the bill for what he thought we deserved…a Sister’s Weekend. Translation:  No kids.  No … Continue reading

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I Need Your Help!

Annie Pieper was here a while back to take The Goat Cheese Making Class, and I found out she’s a Graphic Designer!  And, she agreed to create a logo for me!  She’s been working tirelessly on it, we had an official logo … Continue reading

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We took Rain and Flame to get disbudded last week.  Disbudded means that their little tiny horn buds get burned off so they won’t ever grow into big horns.  Yikes!  Why would a person ever want to do that????  My thoughts … Continue reading

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