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February Classes Scheduled!

Due to popular demand…The Schedule Is Out, Again!  Only, this time it’s for February!  Read All About It! Happy Cheese Making, Goat Milking, Soap Making, Lotion Making, Bread Making and Happy New Year!!! – The Goat Cheese Lady

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Darlene’s Pizza

Darlene came to a Goat Cheese Making Class in November.  My pizza hasn’t been the same since. She noticed the basket of month’s old tomatoes and said:  “Those are just right to make pizza sauce with!!”  I had been procrastinating … Continue reading

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Dry Run

You’d’ve thought we bought tickets for a Broadway show the way we took our seats on the railroad tie outside the pen where the balding Nubian was supposed to breed Lucy.  We might as well have had a tub of … Continue reading

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Hillary: I’m On Facebook

It is true.  Not in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get on Facebook.  I have actually openly refused it, ignored it, judged it, and stated that it would never happen.  My friend Hillary, and many other baby shower … Continue reading

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1:32, am.

Remember this little character?  He works well as an alarm clock too. And, he’s got me thinking I’m a mother of a newborn again.  Except my newborns didn’t get up as much as he does in the night. For the … Continue reading

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Things That Happened For Christmas

Here are some highlights: I gave some special people these gifts…plus some garlic herb goat cheese.  (It was in the fridge and missed the picture.) My 3-year-old and his gingerbread house.  Note his organizational skills with the bears lined up on … Continue reading

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Enjoy The Long Lines!!

I had some money left on a Starbuck’s gift card (that’s the urban part of an urban farm girl.) Had some errands to do.  For some reason, errands are always much better with a warm cup of something from Starbucks.  … Continue reading

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How I Make Applesauce

This is, perhaps, the most delicious applesauce I’ve ever made.  If I do say so myself. It starts with these fresh Cameo apples I picked from the tree in my yard.  The tree automatically bar codes the fruit in case I … Continue reading

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Cheyenne Edition AND Woodman Edition!!

The Goat Cheese Lady has now been featured…well, maybe not exactly featured…but, at least talked about in FOUR newspapers!!!!  OH MY GOSH! I promise I won’t let it go to my head. But, just in case you missed it, here … Continue reading

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The Vulture Chicken

Beware. The Vulture Chicken. I have thought, since the day the Animal Whisperer brought home this free egg laying creature, that it was really ugly. It is.  It’s just plain ugly.  Period. He does not agree. These girls DO agree. … Continue reading

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