Which Super Star Are You?

Why do some of us shy away from the gift of praise? 

It’s a question I’ve been asking myself due to a perplexing reaction I recently had to one of my most #1 fans. Of the thousands people who have read my stories over the years, there are a handful that wholeheartedly and unabashedly support and enjoy what I write.

One is my mom, one is my sister and one is Hillary. I see Hillary about once a year, usually at the birthday party of one of my nieces.  This year, it was on Labor Day at this popsicle’s 8th birthday party.

I was late arriving and the guests were outside on the deck.  When Hillary saw me coming through the dining room she launched out of her seat, blazed a trail toward me, stretched out her arms and gushed, “Oh My Gosh! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” 

I instinctively knew she was not thanking me for last year’s Christmas card…

…but for writing again. 

I immediately extended my arm in front of me, my hand a human stop sign and blurted, “Shut up!”  I lept out of her path to hide behind the other pane of the sliding glass door. In my mind and in my heart the “Shut up” comment was sarcastic, lighthearted, joking.

But in my soul, I question, why did I react that way?

The other day, I watched as a Teenage Girl walking down the sidewalk gestured for a passing car to pull over.  After it slowed to the curb, she walked toward the open passenger side window as her Friend began singing Happy Birthday.  Friend had barely made it through the first line when Teenage Girl arrived at the car with both hands raised, birds flying.

Teenage Girl was smiling, shaking her head and chuckling, but nonetheless, F-bombing Friend in sign language.  Friend obliged and stopped singing.

The encounter between Teenage Girl and Friend made me again consider my reaction to Hillary.

Why do some of us, when we are being celebrated, reject or attempt to divert attention?  Teenage Girl could have walked joyously toward Friend’s car with a smile on her face, gladness in her heart and waited for the song to be finished before wholeheartedly thanking her Friend for remembering her birthday. 

But she didn’t.

I could have stood in the dining room as Hillary blazed through the sliding glass door, awaiting her praise and absorbing with great happiness her joy, appreciation and heartfelt, spirit filling pleasure at thanking me for writing again.

But I didn’t.

Pay attention to your own reactions. Are you rejecting praise that is rightfully yours and you should be proud to receive?  Are you embarrassed to be the center of attention?  Is your gut reaction to hide behind the sliding glass door or speak Teenage Girl’s love language and flip off your Friend, albeit jokingly?

I’m asking myself those same questions.  But one thing I do know. The other night, I watched Tyra Banks strut her stuff on America’s Got Talent in front of celebrating crowds. 

(She walks onstage at minute 1:19…scroll forward in the video below so you can see what I mean.)

Next time I am on the receiving end of a what feels like a standing ovation, I am going to stand tall, proud, envision myself in Tyra’s stunning red gown and embody the Super Star that I Am.

I hope, if you struggle with this, you will too. 

– Lindsey

P.S.  Help me spread the word…if people think we’re great, we should let them!!  Share this on Facebook and with your friends!  And go put on your red dress!

About The Goat Cheese Lady

I am Lindsey. At first I was a city girl. Growing up, the closest thing I had to farm animals were a cat and a cockatiel. In 2009, Herbert (my husband) and I bought our first milk goat and I instantly became an urban farmgirl, attempting to balance city and farm life..before I knew “urban homesteading” was a thing. That’s when we began The Goat Cheese Lady Farm, hence The Goat Cheese Lady blog you’re visiting now. After moving to the country in 2014, I embarked on life as a rural farmgirl. We continued teaching farm and cheesemaking classes, raising more goats and began construction on our cheese creamery. But life had other plans and in 2017, we decided that, due to financial and health issues, we had to close the farm for business. No more classes, no more creamery, a lot less milking. We went back to off farm jobs, I as an Occupational Therapist, Herbert in construction with his business, D&A Home Remodeling. At that point, I made a silent promise to myself that I would corral my entrepreneurial mind and focus on a job for a year. Well, it has been a year and I am back. Not to classes, cheese, soap or lotion, but back to writing. I love it. I’m not sure where it will lead me, but that’s where I’m starting. I’ll continue to write as The Goat Cheese Lady for now, and whatever the future holds, I’ll let you know. Our two boys are 14 and 11 and continue to be louder than my sister and I ever were. We have two dogs, Montaña and Flash, a cat, Jumpy, a flock of chickens and three goats. Yes, we still have Lucy, the goat who helped us start it all and was milked by over 1,000 people. She’s retired but still the boss. Chocolate provides enough milk for our family with some to spare for the dogs. Soccer friends, school friends, coyotes and mice are frequent visitors. There are way too many flies and every so often we see an owl. I’m glad you’re here. Sometimes you’ll laugh out loud, other times you’ll be inspired to appreciate the small things. My hope is that, over your morning cup of coffee or your afternoon work break, you’ll enjoy the antics and inspiration that are my daily life. Lindsey
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2 Responses to Which Super Star Are You?

  1. mje2002 says:

    Another’s thing to consider when receiving praise graciously is that you are accepting a gift from the praiser. Turning down this gift (praise) robs the giver of their generous gesture.

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