Chicken Coops For Sale

Coop prices start at $400.  Call Herbert for details.  719-651-6480.

Coop with Side Nesting Box.  Easy to access egg boxes, just raise the small right side roof and grab out the eggs!  Comes with ladder into the front door of the coop and inside of coop has 3 laying boxes.

Chicken House on Stilts.  Run is attached and extends (not finished in this picture) to under the coop, ladder included.  Door was added after this picture was taken.  2 nesting boxes, easy egg access by raising side roof to access boxes.

Chicken House.  Front and back access doors, egg access door, 3 nesting boxes, metal roof, roosting bars, painted.


Chicken Castle With Run.  Metal roof, vinyl window, large back access door, front door, egg access door, 3-4 nesting boxes, roosting bars, painted.  Coop is 4’x3′, including the run it is 8’x3′.  Very luxurious.  Starting at $1200.


Chicken Barn.  Front door, egg access door, 4 nesting boxes, asphalt roof, window, ramp, painted.


Chick Saloon.  Front door, egg access door, asphalt roof, 4 nesting boxes, roosting bars, unpainted, Old West Style. 


Chicken Cabin.  **Best Seller**  Front door, egg access door, ramp, asphalt roof, roosting bars, 3 nesting boxes, unpainted.  4’x3′. 

Just give us a call if you’re interested!  The Animal Whisperer builds custom chicken coops and play houses too.

–  Herbert, The Goat Cheese Lady’s Husband, 719-651-6480

24 Responses to Chicken Coops For Sale

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  2. Brandon Griswold says:

    I was wondering if it was possible to pick up a coop that’s not assembled, therefore, allowing me the ability to assemble it in my back yard? This is due to the fact, that I am unable to get a preassembled coop in my back yard because limitations of my gate opening. Thanks for time.

  3. Mike says:

    How much for the Coop with Nesting Box? First photo.

  4. Mike says:

    What do you suggest for 2-3 chickens? Do you need one nesting box per chicken.? How far out is the delivery schedule now?

    • Mike, the first coop pictured is perfect for 2-3 chickens. It costs $499 and is custom made specifically to your needs. Herbert is 1 1/2 weeks out on delivery. Give him a call at 719-651-6480 if you have more questions! Lindsey

  5. Whitney says:

    How many chickens does the chicken cabin hold? What is the price range? I think it looks perfect!

  6. Tim says:

    Hi. Can you let me know what is included in the Chicken Castles base starting price of $1200? What are added options that would increase the price? Tim

  7. matt clemens says:

    Interested in a large coop.

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  9. liz says:

    i was interested in the chicken house on stilts…… i live in elizabeth and plan on having about 6 to 7 chickens….they will free range….. want to place it next to my garage . will that big enough?

  10. jaycob says:

    Would these be delivered? Or would we have to come get them!

  11. Amber says:

    HI! How much is the chicken castle with run? We are looking for a bunny pen for our two bunnies and this looks perfect!

  12. Laura hartman says:

    Can we come by and check out the coops and birdhouses?

  13. Melanie says:

    For Sale pictures are fixed……..Thanks!!

  14. eric odens says:

    Hi i came by on chicken day and I’m wondering how long it takes herbert to build the chicken castle? thanks Eric


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