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How To Clean Out The Inside Of Your Oven Window.

After teaching close to 400 people how to make mozzarella, I just got sick of the dripping streaks of whey that stuck out like a sore thumb from the black background of the oven window.  When we used to stretch … Continue reading

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Count Down To The New Dishwasher!!!

I can hardly breathe.  Or speak.  Or wash another dish.  (and, after this picture, Montana can’t really see straight either.) As many of you know, who’ve been to a class and heard me say, “Our dishwasher is broken, so I’ll … Continue reading

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Tim’s Meat

If only you could taste these pictures.  But the pictures don’t do any justice to the meat.  They show you a slab of raw meat, then a cut into piece of cooked meat.  Great.  Big deal.  Well, let me tell … Continue reading

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I’m ruined.

Any self-respecting Costco shopper knows about the samples.  And often plans their shopping trip around the samples.  I.E. show up when there are the most samples.  I used to be self-respecting.  Now, I’m ruined.  And, I just realized it today.  … Continue reading

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Mucking The Barn

There are times that I think I’m just a glorified farm girl.  That my main job on our farm, milking the goats, is just a Hollywood version of the real thing.  I talk myself down saying that real farmers work … Continue reading

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