Here are the graduates!!!

*all of the pictures below are at our old farm…come check us out in Penrose, Colorado at our new farm!


Hannah, Teri, Mary Jane and Carol graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 28, 2014!  None of them had known each other before the class…Hannah is studying for her masters in education, Teri is a dental hygienist, Mary Jane a chef educator on vacation from Texas and Carol received a gift certificate for the class for Mother’s Day!

Favorite Thing About The Class? “The animals and garden and the salad was a treat!” –  Carol

“This was a fabulous experience!  One of a kind!    –  Teri

“This course is thorough and engaging from start to finish.  We started out milking the goats and went through every stage of the cheese making process ourselves.  Very fun and informative.  Lindsey knows what’s up!”   –  Hannah

“Hands on is good.  Lunch was great, milking was fun.”      –  Mary Jane


Jeanenne, Jacqueline, Kat and Donna graduated from the Just Cheese Making Class on June 21, 2014!  They are friends who met each other through a hiking group and decided to add cheese making to their adventures!

“If you want to experience homemade cheese and a wonderful host, this cheese making class is for you.”                   –  Kat

“The class was very informative as well as easy to understand.  The cheese is delicious.”          –  Donna

Her favorite part of the class…”Sampling cheese.”        –  Jacqueline

“Fun time for a group of friends.”          –  Jeanenne



Angie, Fiona, Karen, Muriel, Michelle, Heather and Marcia graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 8, 2014!  Who ever knew a histologist, generalist, phlebotomist, 3 microbiologists and a quality control-ist from Ft. Carson could be such a lively group!

“It’s crazy to have a little homestead in the middle of town!  Awesome views!”     –  Marcia

“Thank you, had a great time.  Did not ever think I could make bread or cheese on my own.  Now I know I can.”        –  Karen

“This was a great step toward overcoming my fear of nature!  I had the best time EVER!”          –  Michelle

“The fact that you opened up your home to us was amazing, the fact that you make us feel at home was even more amazing!  Enjoyed every moment!”        –  Muriel

“Fabulous time!  Lindsey made us all feel so comfortable!”          –  Heather

“Great time!  Thank you for sharing your home, family and knowledge with us.  I’ve learned that wet/dry measuring cups…..It doesn’t matter!”      –  Fiona

“Great class to ease the worried mind and relieve some stress for the day.”      –  Angie



Barb, Jamie and Edie graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 7, 2014!

“When a friend asked me to join her at a goat milking and cheese making course, I was intimidated.  How could “city” girls survive on an urban farm milking goats and making cheese?  Lindsey put all my fears to rest.  She was so welcoming – as were her husband and children.  She made the experience so positive.  Nothing was ever “wrong”, everything was fixable even when we made mistakes.  She’s a great teacher.  And she makes it so easy to do everything.  An A+ experience.  I would come again, especially for the food.”   –  Jamie

“Lindsey is very personable and combines instruction, fun trivia and congeniality to create a welcoming and warm atmosphere.”      –  Edie

“The class was amazing!  I’ve always been interested in “urban homesteading” and raising small farm animals, so this was such a great experience.  Also, I love cheese AND bread so learning new recipes and how to make my own was very exciting.  Lindsey is a wonderful wealth of knowledge and a very patient and kind teacher.  Her family is delightful and their farm is like a little oasis right by Garden of the Gods!      –  Barb


Hal and Pat brought three of their grandsons to The Kid’s Class on June 3, 2014…the grandkids graduated for THE THIRD YEAR IN A ROW!!  It has become a tradition for them, and they look forward to coming to “The Goat Farm” every summer!




Erika, Becky, Amy and Felicity graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on March 6, 2014…and had rave reviews…despite the fact that I accidentally had them add sugar to their cheese instead of salt.  (*note to self:  label containers in the future.)

“Visiting The Goat Cheese Lady is a wonderful experience!  It’s a great introduction to “Farming It Up.”    –  Amy

“I had a great time.  There was lots of information.  I loved the real “can do” attitude.  I can see myself doing cheesemaking at home.”         –  Becky

“Lindsey is the perfect blend of fun and knowledge.  She is warm, kind and an excellent teacher.”    –  Felicity

“This class was fun and delicious!”     –  Erika


Elizabeth, Holly, Christy and Jodene graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on March 29, 2014!  Christy came down from Wyoming, she wants to start a Grade A goat dairy there.  Jodene, Elizabeth and Holly are Colorado Springs locals!

“I learned so much – you can’t read in a book the information you get from being in this class!”    –  Christy

“It was fun, educational and delicious.”    –  Jodene

“I loved all the different activities from milking the goats, collecting eggs, making cheeses and helping with the brunch.  A group of 4 is the perfect group to create an individual learning environment.  Wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning.”    –  Holly

“Such a wonderful family, they invite you in and give you great information on ways that you can be more self-sufficient and know more about what you’re putting into your body.  Truly a fantastic experience.”       –  Elizabeth


Frequent fliers to our farm…Debie, Carin, Angelina and Beth graduated from The Hard Cheese Making Class (Advanced) on November 3, 2013.  For Carin and Angelina, it was their third class and for Debie and Beth, their second!

I liked… “The whole process – from the goat to the table – is what makes this so much fun.” –  Debie

“Learning to make cheese is so much more gratifying than buying from the store.  It feels good to be able to tell folks that I made the cheese.  Thank you so much Lindsey! –  Carin

“This is our third time taking this class.  I learn something new every time I come.  I love taking my new knowledge of cheese making home to my family!” –  Angelina

“Camembert!  Lindsey is so knowledgeable.  She made sure we understood all that was being done both through hands on experience and description.” –  Beth

Chelsea, Shana, Jack and Paula graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 20, 2013!

“This was a wonderful experience, perfect balance between education, fun and pleasure (eating our cheeses.)” –  Jack

“Lindsey does a fantastic job of teaching and making everyone comfortable.” –  Paula

“This is a country adventure in the city.”     –  Shana

“This class was wonderful!  The hands on experience was great!  Time flew by – I learned so much!  The food was delicious!  Thank you so much!” –  Chelsea

Margaret, Hendrika and Felicia graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 14, 2013!

“This class was a great way to see a working urban farm right here in Colorado Springs.  When we sat down to a lunch that we had all just made with a view directly of Pikes Peak – I thought how lucky I am to live here.  Hats off to the Aparicio family for making this experience available!” –  Margaret

“It’s rare that we get a chance to source, make, and eat food in such a short amount of time.  What fun to get down to the basics of what we all take for granted n such a beautiful setting!”         –  Hendrika

“Truly a unique and fun experience!  Bonded with friends and learned a new skill.” –  Felicia

Anita, Witzie, Beth Ann, Brittany and Brittany’s daughter, graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 11, 2013.  I met Witzie when I taught her mother how to make cheese in a class at Mackenzie Place in Colorado Springs…and Witzie set this class up for herself and her friends!

“Like a pioneer girl experience!”   –  Anita

“We need to know more about the food we eat, the animals that produce it, and ways in which we can spread the word about what we do and don’t do about the natural world.”  –  Beth Ann

“The experience of learning how a family grows and makes their own food within and around their home is inspiring.  I leave this class wanting to move into a future of doing this for my family.  Thank you for you teaching, opening your home, and providing such a memorable experience for us.”            –  Brittany and daughter

“Lindsey is a wonderful teacher!  Her organization heps us have many experiences in  limited time.  Her shared experiences making cheese help me feel that I could mke cheese too!”      –  Witzie


John, Cyndi, Suzanne and Aaron graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 6, 2013!
081 Karen, her friend Duane and Duane’s two daughters graduated from a Special Goat Cheese Making Class, customized just for them…milking Dottie the goat and making basil soft goat cheese, fresh mozzarella and ricotta!  Duane and his daughters are on a 3 week road trip from California, stopped in town to see their friend, Karen, and made cheese here as their special Colorado Springs experience! “It was a great way to spend the morning, If you are looking for a good farming experience, come see Lindsey and Herbert!”    –  Karen, Duane and Duane’s girls 067 Amber and Andy drove down from Ft. Collins, Colorado, to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary…and graduated from The Just Cheese Class on July 6, 2013! “As close to making cheese at my own home as I can imagine possible.” –  Andy “Great class for someone interested in cheesemaking or who loves cheese.  Very informative and a delicious class.”      –  Amber 064 Kim, John, Anna and Jean graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 6, 2013!  Kim and John are married…when they retire, they may move to Baja, California and make cheese!  Anna tasted some Goat Cheese Lady cheese at the Local Food Expo at Colorado College and wanted to learn how to make it!  Jean took a cheese making class from The Goat Cheese Lady at Chef’s Catalog and came to experience the real deal with fresh goat milk! “A very enjoyable and educational experience.  A great way to spend a day!”      –  Kim “What a great step outside of the every day grind.  Lindsey is the best!” –  John “I’ve made cheese with cow’s milk and wanted to experience the difference of goat’s milk.”                                                 –  Jean “A motivational tour of the farm and tutorial for making cheese.  Everyone who’s even mildly interested should take this class!  I feel like I could spend all day here!”   –  Anna 003 Jan, her daughters Abbey and Sara, Sara’s daughter, and Karen all graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 22, 2013!  Karen loves the science in cheesemaking and may make more appearances as my new scientist side-kick! “Making cheese was on my bucket list.  It was everything I hoped it to be.  Lindsey is a great teacher!”    –  Jan “This class was great.  So informative and laid back.  Totally recommend.”    –  Abbey “We had a wonderful time learning how to make cheese – love that we can now do this at home with the provided instruction s – On to the bread making class!”    –  Sara “Awesome class and well worth your time.  Cannot wait to take the next course!” –  Karen Mary, Kari, Eric and Eric’s son graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 29, 2013!  Kari and Eric are sister and brother, Mary is their mother.  Everyone is in town for vacation with mom this week, so they took the class! “Fun, informative, delicious!”         –  Kari “I wanted my grandson to see the “start to finish” process of cheesemaking.”       –   Mary “I never thought making cheese could be so fun, or so tasty!”       –  Eric “THE BEST!”     –  Eric’s son 032 Carrie, Amelia, Ira and Masha graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 15, 2013!  They are all friends who attend the same church and are all interested in making food more naturally for their families! “This class gives you hands on experience in knowing and seeing where your food comes from!  Seeing how everything works together for the “good” so to speak – the “greater good” – you can see how feasible and how GOOD making your own is!” –  Carrie “I am so excited to take this skill I learned and use it at home.  Truely a wonderful day of planning and dreaming of new ways to feed my family fresh and delicious food!”      –  Amelia Nic, Michele, Eva (not pictured) and Eric graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 14, 2013!  Eva has had a lifelong fear of goats…and took the class with her friends to overcome the fear…and she did! “Great class to take, fun, good people, learned a lot about cheese…I would do it again.”                                  –  Nic “Fantastic class!  Great farm to table experience!  I can’t wait to spread the word about the Goat Cheese Lady!” –  Eva “I learned the difference between cow and goat milk and can’t wait to come back for Advanced Cheesemaking.  Being able to eat what we made was rewarding.” –  Michele “Very relaxing and fun day!”     –  Eric 003 Naomi, Cathy, Pat and Kristen graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 8, 2013!  (Also the day, 6 years ago that I went into labor with my youngest son.  Thought you’d like to know.)  Naomi and Cathy have known each other for years, Pat saw a flier in Buckley’s Homestead Supply and called me when she walked out the door to sign up for the class, and Kristen was my oldest son’s second grade teacher! “You will not be disappointed-  Lindsey is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.  You will walk away with an appreciation and a love for goat’s milk, cheese and milking!” –  Naomi “Beautiful day in Colorado Springs, making cheese.” –  Cathy “Lindsey makes it very do-able, breaks down all the cheesemaking fears.” –  Pat 002 Tonya and Hilda graduated from The Goat Milk Soap and Lotion Making Class on Friday, June 7, 2013!  Once they cut their soap into bars, they’ll have around 40-50 bars of oatmeal lavendar, oatmeal eucalyptus, oatmeal tea tree and coffee rosemary soap to share!  After the hard work of soap making, they make a simple batch of coconut goat milk lotion bars (2 each!) “Fun!  Fun!  Fun!”  (She also said:  Friendly, organized.)          –  Tonya “Relaxing and fun!  Great teacher and hostess.”   (She also said:  She liked learning the procedures necessary to make soap safely.)     –  Hilda 015 My best friend from elementay school, Shannon, her mom, Jeanie, (both on right) and some new friends Emily and Billy gradauated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 1, 2013!! “Great Day.”   –  Jeanie “A wonderful time spent with great, relaxed individuals.  Ended wth a fabulous meal we all helped make.” –  Shannon “This is a great way to understand farm to table cooking.  What a healthy and holistic experience to eating simple and healthy food.”     –  Billy “A great date for busy parents!”      –  Emily 067 Amanda, Teresa, Julie, Deb and Lynn graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on May 25, 2013!  Amanda led the charge…attending her third class here…and introduced all of her friends to the class!  A great group of women! “This class not only teaches you about makin gcheese, but it incorporates the process of making cheese.  You learn about goats vs. cows, chickens, roosters, greenhouses, vegetables and the environment.  What I loved about Lindsey is she is the real deal – what you see is what you get.  She is a real, down-to-earth person who obviously loves what she does.  Best experience ever!”-  Lynn “Learning to be one with nature.” –  Debra “Thisclass is always fun, third time for me!”    –  Amanda “The size of the class is great – it is a more personal experience.  It was a lot of fun.” -Teresa “So much great information and great fun milking the goats.”     –  Julie 021 “This was a real, local, barn to fork experience that we could watch every step of.”                   –  Caroline “This class was awesome!  I loved learning about the cheese making processes and would recommend it to friends.” –  Kyle “Great chance to do someting new with guidance, very relaxed.”  –  Brenda “It was comfortable and felt like it was a safe place to ask any questions.  I apprec1ate how open you are with your goat journey.  Of course, the baby goats are awesome.  I look forward to coming back for the hard cheese class!” –  Mandy 012 Melissa, Trudy and Dale graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on May 6, 2013!  They are all friends and family from Penrose, Colorado! “I had a great time and am totally comfortable making cheese at home (or at least trying).  I am going away wih a knowledge I did not have before.”     –  Trudy “Very nice, small class size keeps it informative without distractions.”    –  Dale “Very fun class, would love to take the other classes in the future.”   –  Melissa “Informative, answered any asked questions.”    –  Helene Tamara, Lisa and Elizabeth graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class May 5, 2013!  Lisa is Elizabeth’s mom and Tamara’s mother-in-law…and brought them for Tamara’s birthday! “I had an absolutely wonderful time at the class!  It was very easy to follow the recipes – even for a goat cheese newbie!”  –  Tamara “It’s a great gift to give someone for an adult birthday party because its a life-long gift.” –  Lisa “So much fun and so much cheese!  I love cheese and after one morning of fun and goat milking, I feel confident to try it myself!” –  Elizabeth 001 Carolyn and Juanita graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class and The Goat Milk Soap and Lotion class on May 1, 2013.  Next, on May 2, 2013, they graduated from The Advanced Cheese Making Class!  They are sisters-in-law and bought a farm together with their husbands in North Carolina.  They flew in for a 1 1/2 day intensive of The Goat Cheese Making Class, The Advanced Cheese Making Class and The Goat Milk Soap and Lotion Class and they must have left with their heads spinning, but they are fully prepped to get goats and to know what to do with the milk! “Informational, friendly, hands on.  So much fun.  Would definitely think it’s something anyone would enjoy!”     –  Carolyn “Amazing!  Loved it!”   –  Juanita “Loved holding the babies!  I enjoyed the whole class.  You explained very nicely.”                   –  Shirlene 005 Andy and Robbin graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on April 30, 2013!!  And, let me tell you, they are amazing!  They have BOTH lost over 400 pounds!!!  He flew in from Florida, she from New York, for a conference in Denver, and stopped here on the way.  She is a caterer and chef, he owns a company that supplies many restaurants in Florida. “Fun, Awesome, Amazing – Made new friends for Life.  OH, and the cheese was really good too!!”         –  Andy “Best hands on “lesson” I have ever taken – information that I will utilize and make incredibly yummy things with.  The interaction with the animals was awesome!  (Although I liked the petting better thand the milking.)”          –  Robbin 015 Kay, Lisa and Jim graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on April 28, 2013!  Kay and Jim are Lisa’s parents and they all hope to participate in Jim’s (future) farm. “This whole concept of growing/producing your own food is fascinating – on only 1 1/2 acres of land in your back yard!  I hope this whole movement continues to grow.” –  Kay “We had a wonderful time and a great experience.” –  Jim “Lindsey and Herbert have been great people to learn from and spend the class with.  Their knowledge is extensive and they’re really nice, which definitely made it easy to learn.”  –  Lisa  025 Carol, Patty, Lisa and Elaine graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on April 21, 2013!  They arrived 5 hours after Lucy had her two baby boys at 3 in the morning!!  (Both bucklings and mama are doing well.) “Absolutely worth the time and cost.”  –  Carol “Thank you!  Awesome experience; we really enjoyed all of it.  Especally the “kids” – great to see all the new babies!”  –  Lisa “Thankyou for letting a bunch of strangers into your home and allowing us to see, do and ask any and everything!  It was a great experience!” –  Elaine “I came thinking, this will be a one time experience and I will never be buying a goat!  Thinking, I was just going for the fun of it, with friends.  Now, I still don’t want a goat, however I do want to make cheese!!  It was more than a goat milking and cheese making experience, it reminded me of how wasteful my lifestyle is.  I will certainly make efforts to change that and be more grateful for all I have and all our earth provides us.  How I don’t need new and modern, I need to look around and use what I have.” –  Patty 001 Courtney, Jenny, Susan and Julie graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on April 14, 2013!  Jenny and Courtney are both Montessori early education teachers, Susan is a geologist.  Julie is retired from the military and is now raising goats in Cheyenne, Wyoming! “I didn’t want to leave.  Can I live in your basement?” –  Jenny “A yummy class that gives you hands0on akills that can be used at home.” –  Susan “I learned so much and cannot wait to start making more cheese at home…(and also get my greenhouse built  🙂  )           –  Julie “Wow – I don’t know where to start!  I learned a lot!” –  Courtney 008 Amy and Melissa graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on April 11, 2013!  Melissa brought Amy as a birthday gift…and Melissa is my yoga teacher! “Such a fun, innovative class!  A great way to show people how to be sustainable and experience everything from the animals, to the cheese making to eating the product of your labor.  Very rewarding.”    –  Amy “Such a fun and educational experience with two fabulous and thoughtful hosts.” –  Melissa 032 Dave, Jen, Susan and Bob graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on April 7, 2013, the first class of the 2013 season!! “Very informational and fun!” –  Susan “Loved the hands on approach from milking to cheese making.  Plus, collecting fresh eggs for our brunch.”         –  Jen “While highly instuctional and participatory, the class was informative and practical.  Lindsey could make it highly academic but teaches in a way everyone can understand.”                         –  Bob “Fun, friendly atmosphere.  Made to feel very welcomed into their home! –  David 9-12-12 “Lindsey was a wonderful, easy going instructor.  It was a great, hands-on experience.” –  Teri “Lots of fun and fun to learn to do these things.  Can’t wait to come back for soap class.” –  Cheryl “If you want a class that will help you feel like you can make your own cheese, this is the class.  You walk away feeling confident, not overwhelmed.  I loved that is so laid back.  There was no rush to get everything done but taking time to make sure that we truly understand the process.” –  Monica 8-5-12 “I came to the class very cautiously.  I am not a cook at all, in fact, I feel very deficient in cooking skills.  But I learned milking goats is easier than I imagined and making delicious cheese can be done simply.  I am excited to try this on my own.” –  Molly “Good instruction on milking and making cheese.” –  Deb “A great experience that really educates you from start to finish.  It’s great to learn where your cheese comes from and that you can make it yourself.” –  Mandy 7-31-12 “Great experience to share with family.”  –  Carole “This was an incredible experience.  I learned how to milk a goat and was able to gather the eggs.  Our lunch was delicious and we ate what was grown locally, right here on the farm.”  -Lauren 7-29-12 “The whole experience is here from milking to cheese making to eating it.” –  Laura “I was hesitant at first but I really enjoyed the experience.” –  Lindsey “This is a great class for anyone interested in food and a sustainable way of life.  Thank you!” –  Kim “It was fun to participate in a true farm to table process.” “Awesome way to re-connect or connect with your food source!   –  Jessica “It was a great new experience to come milk goats, make cheese and have an amazing brunch.  Thank you!”    –  Dori 7-28-2012  “The class was a great experience in learning more about self-sufficiency.  Lindsey’s teachings were exceptionally accessible and informational.”      –  Ainslie and Jordan “Great experience:  informative and fun!” –  George 7-28-12 “Can be family friendly!”   –  Kelly “Glenna Strait gains a new job!”  –  Glenna “Fell in love with Dottie!”   –  Gailene “It’s always good to learn something about our food.” –  Violet 7-27-12 “As a former chef, I found the course perfectly organized, informative.  I’ll be back for more classes.  Great mix of technical info as well.” –  Ilene “Class was very interesting and informal – You make everyone comfortable.”    –  Jane “If you have ever wondered what to do with all the extra milk you get from raising your own goats, you have to take this awesome class!”    –  Charity “Very Interesting!  I learned a lot more than I anticipated.  Also enjoyed the hands on.  I’m a visual learner so actually working with thte cheese and not just reading recipes helped.”       –  Mary “Well worth the time.  Lindsey is very personable and knowledgeable – and patient with those of us who have not milked goats before.”  –  Janet 073Suzanne and her daughters, Coele and Rachel, graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 15, 2012! “This class was so much fun.  To be able to start with milk straight from a goat and turn it into cheese to eat was such a fun experience.”   –  Coele “I have always wanted to learn to make cheese and this class is an excellent way to start.  I really appreciate all the explanations of how and why the processes work.  I will be back for more classes! – Suzanne “So much fun!  I never would have thought I’d be milking goats in the middle of Colorado!  I’m definitely looking forward to making more cheese at home!”  –  Rachel 071Nick and Ali, Sue and Fred graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 14, 2012!  Sue and Fred even drove down from Nebraska for the class!! “After taking the class I am confident in being able to make a good choice on type of goat I would like to purchase so I can start to make cheese for ourselves.” –  Sue “Being in a home setting shows it can be done in anyone’s home (simply.)”   –  Fred “The entire process was great.  We loved being part of the farm-to-table process of making goat cheese.” –  Nick and Ali 058 Melanie, Mila and Della graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 13, 2012! “I may have just found my true calling.  I really hope one day I will have my own goats but I can already start making my own cheese NOW!  Thanks for everything!  Really awesome morning!” –  Melanie “Lindsey and family are so adventurous, patient and hard-working.  They are an inspiration.  And they are …..whey out!!!! –  Della “The goats are very friendly and fun to milk.  Thanks, Lindsey.” –  Mila 011 Daryl and Carol, Peggy and George graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 8, 2012! “We had fun and the meal we helped make was delicious!” –  Peggy “The whole process and seeing from start to finish the making of cheese.  The presentation was well put together and orderly.  Excellent is the best way for me to describe the quality of the class.” –  George “An enjoyable and informative way to spend a morning.”    –  Daryl “The class was informative and fun!  I think I have discovered a new hobby!  The whole experience was wonderful.  I like taking things from source to table and the hands on nature.” –  Carol 006 Park, Quinna and Buck graduated from The Hard Cheese Making Class on July 7, 2012…Park had already taken The Goat Cheese Making Class, and Quinna and Buck’s Goat Cheese Making Class was cancelled due to the fire…so they took the advanced class before the basic and did great! “Making cheese is one step closer to knowing where your food comes from and controlling the cost of it.  Also showed me it is possible for the common person to make cheese.” –  Buck “Awesome class!  Helps you further your culinary experience.”      –  Park 005Amy, Mika, Joanna and Monique graduated from The Goat Cheese Making class on July 6, just days after we moved back in from evacuation from The Waldo Canyon Fire. “A very productive and enjoyable day!” “It was a very nice peaceful way to spend a half day.” –  Amy “Milking the goats was a lot of fun and then being in the kitchen making cheese.  Lindsey has a lot of knowledge of the subject and her easy-going personality made me feel at home.” –  Joanna “I like the way you explained every step in detail.”        –  Monique 6-16-12 “I was terrified of making cheese – now I can’t wait!”  –  Cynthia “I thoroughly loved seeing how a small family can successfully, beautifully raise animals, create community, share knowledge and feed so many so well.  To take us through milking and cheesemaking to eating was amazing and delicious!”   –  Lindsay “Great social time with the instruction.” –  Howard 6-18-12 “It was good to be back on a “farm” – Lindsey’s teaching technique is very good because it is informative and she is relaxed which made our grandchildren relaxed.”   “ It was a great learning experience – from the milking to the making.  I would do this again.”    –   Bobbie 6-15-12 “This class is extremely exciting and entertaining!  It is a great opportunity to learn and experience new things as well as enjoy yourself at the same time.” –  Makayla “A must do class!” –  Park 6-12 “The lesson about using vinegar is much different than I learned with rennet.” –  Debra “The goats are very friendly and fun to milk.  Thanks, Lindsey.” –  Mila 6-6-12 “This was a great learning experience and so much fun.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with us.” –  Terri “Wonderful experience!!  Can’t wait to come back for the other classes.”     –  Joy “What a blast!  Easy directions easy to follow –  great!”  –  Cori “This whole experience was a treat!  I had no idea what to expect but it was fun, a great atmosphere and so fun to learn a new skill!” –  Lisa 6-3-12 “You come away with an appreciation of our food sources, an awareness of the cycle of nature to provide food for our table.” –  Colleen “A fun morning.” –  Scott “This is such a great experience – I highly recommend it!” –  Jessica “A great way to spend a morning!”   –  Jason 5-27-12 “I like knowing where my food is coming from and how to become more self-sustainable.”         –  Jessica “A fun, low key experience where I learned a lot.  A good time with good people.” –  James “This was a lot of fun!  I’ll definitely be making cheese at home.”     –  Kristin “This class was amazing!  What I liked most was the knowledge of the cheese process (how enzymes and proteins work together) and sharing this class with your family.” 5-26-12 “The wealth of information was great – a real confidence builder.  Plus, I found that I CAN milk a goat!  Cheese making is not the mystery I thought it was.  I can and will be doing it!”       –  Helen “The class was informational start to finish, it was very thorough and entertaining.  A fun way to spend a Saturday!  Beautiful weather, beautiful views and great company!” –  Sarah 5-12-12 “It doesn’t get any fresher, friendlier or tastier than this!” –  Suzie “This would be an excellent experience for families and team building sessions.  Wonderful experience!  Thank you Lindsey and family!” –  Sherry “Hmmmm…where do I begin?  I enjoyed this whole experience!  From being up close and personal with the goats and chickens to enjoying a delicious brunch with our “Farm to Table” ingredients – right in our Colorado Springs backyard!” –  Dana “It was so great to see where our food comes from.  It is the world’s great unifier and I can’t think of a better way to bond with friends and family than breaking bread (literally) and milking goats!” –  Kay 5-6-12 “[I loved] the hospitality!! Herbert and Lindsey, I felt instantly welcome!” –  Nancy “Learning the mozzarella process and all of it is so easy to do at home.  A lot of classes don’t make it so easy to take learning home.”   –  Kristi “Thank you so much for opening your home to us and teaching your secrets.  What a wonderful experience to share with us and make us feel like a part of your family.  I will have to bring all my San Francisco city friends out soon!”      –  Amanda “I enjoyed milking the goats and learning not to be intimidated by making cheese.” –  Ramona 5-5-12 “I really enjoyed milking the goats and collecting eggs.  Learning how to make the cheese hands on was really interesting and fun as well.”      –  Jennifer “Favorite thing about class was interacting with the goats and the nice, informative but relaxed tone.” –  R “I loved meeting all the goats and eating the cheese!  I definitely think I want to have my own goats one day now.” –  Emily 5-2-12 “Lindsey makes cheesemaking easy and accessible to everyone and the results are delicious!” –  Kay “This is my first experience with cheesemaking.  The class was “hands-on”, informative and fun.  I loved it!  The cheese was delicious!”    –  Debbie 4-29-12 “This class was so much more than cheesemaking – It was a whole farm immersion, gourmet food experience!” –  Erica “This was a truly unique and educational experience, but it was really fun as well.  Definitely a lot of practical things I can do at home.” –  Tom “I knew it would be fun but I didn’t know that it would be THAT much fun!” –  Elise 4-28-12 “Everyone should learn how to be silf-sufficient in this changing world.  Wastefulness is a sin.  By utilizing what you have from nature, you can control the healthiness of your family.” –  Bau “It is rare in today’s world to begin with a raw material, at its source, and see it through to a finished and in this case, edible product.  Along the way a new skill is learned which will be enjoyed in the future.” –  Elliott “This was a wonderful example of sustainability and I love the ideas of ways to use everything.” –  Dawn “Lindsey is super knowledgeable and makes the class very fun.  I feel I have a good basis to make 3 different cheeses as well as various uses for the left over whey.  Now I’m looking forward to the Hard Cheese Class!” –  Donna 4-23-12 “For a boy born on a farm without goats, it was an experience.”     –  Craig “Wonderful experience – fun, informative and time flew by!”     –  Elaine “Wonderful experience.  A must do when visiting Colorado Springs!  A great way to celebrate Dad’s 79th birthday!” –  Dawn “Got a lot of knowledge about the subject.  If you never milked an animal that will be interesting – a little bit of COUNTRY.”  –  Duane 4-15-12 “I haven’t had such fresh eggs since I was a child.” –  Mary Ann “This is the second time I’ve made cheese with Lindsey and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time.  Lindsey and her family are fun and interesting to be around.”   –  Donna 4-14-12 “An ideal way to get started if someone wants to start eating more natural, healthy, healing foods.”  –  Gourete “I feel like I learned a valuable, life-long skill.  Also, feel like I’m more in touch with my food.” –  Lynn “Cheese Gorgeous Cheese!  This was a wonderful experience.  It gave me a lot to think about regarding where my food comes from.” –  Mandy “Camaraderie.”  –  Linda 4-13-12 “Great family activity.  Very memorable.  We all learned something and had fun!”    –  Michelle 3-31-12 What a perfect morning!  From milking the goats, to making various cheeses, to sitting down to eat all the things we just made, all with a fantastic view of Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods.  So much fun!” –  Theresa “[I liked] the hands on approach of letting us make the cheese rather than just watching cheese be made.  Great introduction to making simple cheeses.  Thanks.”     –  Matt Angie, Scott, Catherine, Patty and Jeanne graduated from The Goat Cheese Class, a class especially for The Fine Arts Center as part of their Resilience series.  They learned all the same things everyone learns in The Goat Cheese Making Class, but our discussions were focused around resilience in difficult economic and environmental times.  Scott is deploying for Germany in April and was looking for something fun to do with his wife, Angie, before he deploys.  Catherine is Patty’s step-mother and Jeanne is Patty’s sister-in-law! “Thank you for sharing such a wonderful way of living and eating!  I had a really great time learning and exploring!!!  I look forward to texperiencing more through your other classes!!!  (I would love to have been able to purchase a “cookbook” of recipes you’ve used!!)”   –  Angie “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.  Teach him to milk a goat and he can top that fish with a killer cheese!”  –  Scott “A delightful fun day with an outstanding end product.”      –  Catherine “The best part might have been when the mozz didn’t solidify – I LOVED that we could “name” it something else – not throw it away!” –  Patty “From the barnyard to the table, the experience was fun, homey, and a great experiment in goat’s mik.”  –  Jeanne Carin, Angelina, Debie and Beth graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on March 17, 2012!  Angelina and Carin gave the class as a gift to Karen, and Debie is Anjelina’s mother-in-law…as well as my high school English teacher!! “This was a great way to spend a Saturday morning.  I can’t wait to go home and make my own cheese.”  –  Angelina “This class was the most fun.  The entire process of cheese making from the raw milk to the delicious cheeses was spectacular.  It was everything I hoped for and I think maybe more!  I loved it so much!  I can’t explain how much I enjoyed this!!”   –  Carin “This class was incredible from milking the goat to eating the delicious cheese.  It really helped me realize I can make cheese and all the “rules” don’t always have to apply.  Just delightful.” –  Beth “Everything tastes better when it’s made from scratch.  This is the way food is meant to be enjoyed.”       –  Debie Ciara and Gretchen graduated from The Just Cheese Making Class on March 11, 2012.  Ciara is an “ahead of her times” twenty-one (I think??) year old who knows about the importance of sustainability and good, farm fresh, healthy food.  Her mother, Gretchen, is the one who rocked my world when she told me that (many) distilled white vinegars are made with petroleum products.  (see the related posts here and here.) “Great class!  Thanks for making it so easy and fun to learn.  (Makes me never want to buy “store” cheese again.)”   –  Gretchen “Great class if you want to learn how to make your own cheese to sustain your kitchen or if you just like cooking and you want to try something new.”       –  Ciara Janet, Rhianna, Jen and Kathy  graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on March 11, 2012!  Rhianna flew out from Kansas! to attend the class with her friend and co-worker, Jen…at one time, Rhianna thought she might quit her job as a labor and delivery nurse and become a Cheesemaker!  Kathy and Janet are friends and are both retired science teachers. “I liked the explanation of the process and the ingredients.  It really was an amazing experience!  Got cheese??  We do!!” –  Rhianna “A great way to spend a morning!  AI learned a lot…and have come to appreciate cheese-making more!” –  Kathy “The class is a great way to get “out” of the city and see how resourceful and creative you can be with the food we eat!  And how often can you get the opportunity to milk a goat!!!”   –  Jen “Fun class-  delicious product!” –  Janet Susan, Nicole, Carol, Priscilla, and Donna graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on February 26, 2012!  They are a group of friends and family who heard about the class….by eavesdropping.  A new form of marketing!  Thanks to the lady in Eon who was talking about the class to the owner…and thanks to Priscilla and Nicole for listening in and eavesdropping!! “What a great way to spend a morning.”  –  Priscilla “It was so much fun to have this experience!  Lindsey and Herbert made this a unique and delicious day.”     –  Susan “Lindsey made the entire experience so enjoyable.  She didn’t just answer questions – she explained everything clearly.”    –  Carol “Fantastic experience.  Lindsey is a great teacher.”     –  Donna Tim, Mollie, Avril, Dolores and Nancy graduate from a Custom Cheese Making Class on February 24, 2012.  Tim and Mollie flew in from New York, they have made Gouda and a few other cheeses recently.  They asked for a class teaching Feta, Traditional Chevre and Cuban Hard Cheese.  Tim’s mother, Nancy (far right), came as well.  Avril was here attending her second class, rapidly moving forward on her path toward master cheesemaking, I’m sure!  Dolores was also attending her second class and is looking forward to getting her own goat milk!!! “Lindsey did a fantastic job of teaching us how to make 3 different cheeses, all the while providing a real life approach to the process.  We loved it!”            –  Tim and Mollie “Thans so much for making the hard cheese class in manageable stepps with a great outcome!  Now I have the confidence to make great cheese on my own.”   –  Dolores Leia, Ellen, Aaron and Mel graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on February 19, 2012!  Aaron bought the class as a gift to his mother, Ellen, and they invited their two friends, Leia and Mel, to join them! “It was a great experience learning about making goat cheese and a great time talking with each other.”      –  Leia “It is amazing to see the entire process from milking to eating fresh made cheese materialize in a few hours.” –  Aaron “A great morning of good food and good company.” –  Mel “Unique urban farm experience.” –  Ellen Lynn, Kelli, Judy, and Avril graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on February 18, 2012!  Lynn owns her own Life Coaching business and friend Kelli is retired and does amazing volunteer work for refugees.  Judy and Avril drove down from Guffy, Colorado!  Judy is getting new baby goats soon and both wanted to hone their cheesemaking skills! “Great class.  Feel like I can go home and actually make cheese.  Great clear instructions.”  –  Avril “It’s amazing how easy it is to make great cheese.”  –  Judy “I felt like “Heidi” with the goats!!!  Warm ricotta and mozzarella –  YUM!”  –  Kelli “City girl has an adventure!!  OMG – Lindsey (and family) are great!  Treat yourself and sign up now….just go for it!  All your senses will say thank you!!”     –  Lynn Lucia and David graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on February 5, 2012.  They have been married for one year…and David says that Lucia cooks the best food he’s ever tasted.  Now, she can add cheese to the repertoire! “The class was incredible not only because of the cheese making and milking, but because the Aparicio family is welcoming, knowledgeable and wonderful.”    –  Lucia “Thank you.  The class was incredible.”      –  David Jennifer, Dean, Bill and Paula graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on January 29, 2012.  They are one big, happy family!!! “I felt this was an excellent introduction to making a few basic cheeses, in a home invironment.  It couldn’t be friendlier or less intimidating.”       –  Dean “This was a great family experience – terrific to sit down to a meal made with milk we just milked, cheese we just made and fresh eggs from the coop.”      –  Jennifer “Easy to follow directions with knowledgeable instructor.”    –  Paula “Loved watching the granddaughter milking her first goat!” –  Bill Linda and Elizabeth graduated from The Soap and Lotion Making Class on January 25, 2012.  This was Linda’s second class and Elizabeth’s first! “A fun experience – just the perfect atmosphere for learning natural soap and lotion making.  A pleaseure to come to this home anytime!!”  –  Linda “Loved the class.  Lots of fun!”  –  Elizabeth The entire Spegele family graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on January 8, 2012!  Jarrett, Jordan, Joe, Jackie and Carol! “This was an awesome experience and great family time for a family that already loves to cook together and enjoys tasty food.  Totally fresh is an extra bonus we all enjoyed.”     – Jackie “Lots of fun, great cheese.”    –  Jarrett “This class is great, and full of surprises, with family in mind.  Super fun and learned lots.  P.S.  Youtube Video…Definitely!”         –  Jordan “Unique experience that all ages can enjoy.  I loved the experience!” –  Carol “Great family outing.”        –  Joe  Patti, Kathleen, Frances and Roger graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on January 22, 2011!  They all agreed that milking the goats and seeing (and participating) in food going from start to finish was one of their favorite things about the class. “I feel so confident now!  Can’t wait to try it on my own – thank you!”  –  Kathleen “A grand adventure into the “foodie” world.” –  Patti “Wonderful gift!  Great *whey* to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning!” –  Frances “The class will either bring back memories or show you things you have never seen.  Either way you can’t lose.”  –  Roger Sandy, Betty, Hethyr and Jon graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on January 21, 2012!  Sandy brought her mom, Betty.  Hethyr is a professional chef and her husband is Jon. “This was a fantastic experience…from milknig the goats to making the cheese.  The garnd finale is eating the cheese with newly found friends.”    –  Sandy “Can I have some more???” –  Betty “Lindsey’s class was awesome.  I had a great time, learned a ton, and left with a belly full of delicious, fresh food.”    –  Jon “We had such a great time and learned so much!  Can’t wait to try all of the recipes at home.”     –  Hethyr Kathy, Rich and Clara graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on January 7, 2012!  Clara lived overseas for 30 years and loves goat cheese.  She happens to live just up the hill from us!  Rich and Kathy live in the Old Farm area and downtown Colorado Springs. “Guys – Give this a try, it’s not “a chick thing”!”   –  Rich “The “chores” were fun and the morning went quick.  Seems like somthing I could get used to doing in my own life!”     –  Kathy “Wonderful experience – learn what real natural food should taste like and appreciate how much work is necessary to accomplish this.” –  Clara Donna and Jim and their two sons, Matthew and Tucker, graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on December 30, 2011.  They came because they love cheese and because Tucker, in college, is attempting to convince his parents to get goats! “The class is fun for young and old and everyone in between.”   –  Matthew “It is such an amazing learning experience.  Everyone should learn how to make their own cheese!” –  Tucker “This is a great family activity.  You will not be disappointed!”    –  Donna “If you like cooking, then take this class!  You don’t need your own goats to make goat cheese!”   –  Jim Amy, Janet, Cathy and Anne graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on December 28, 2011.  Amy surprised her mom (Anne) and her two aunts with the class for Christmas. Three of the Four drove down from the Boulder area for the class! “It’s great.  A fun, casual, homey experience.  I learned a lot and enjoyed learning the different cheese techniques.”       –  Amy “What a great learning experience, from the milking to the eating with great people in a lovely atmosphere.”           –  Janet “A fascinating process to actually make cheese.  It gives me a whole new appreciation of cheese and the varieties.”    –  Cathy “Today took me away from my life, to a brand new fascinating experience shared with my family whom I love to be with.”  –  Anne Shaina, Jeff, Carmen and Paul graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on December 18, 2011.  Shaina and Jeff surprised Shaina’s parents, Carmen and Paul, with the class.  Carmen and Paul drove down from Aurora thinking they might be going snowshoeing…and were surprised to find out they were going to milk goats and make cheese!  Shaina is a food broker, Jeff was the chef at the Craftwood Inn for 16 years!  Carmen is a retired teacher and Paul is a painter who wanted to learn cheesemaking! “This class is very informative!  Great to know that cheese is so easy and healthy!  I hope people take this class.  It was so much fun to learn and eat!”    –  Shaina “Get back to your roots – milk a goat.” –  Paul “We live in Aurora, but it was certainly worth the drive.” –  Carmen “It was a great experience of Artisan Cheesemaking.” –  Jeff Robin, Sandra and Karen graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on December 4, 2011.  Sandra and Karen are friends who wanted to take the class together, and Robin is interested in possibly keeping her own goats in the future. “This class took the mystery out of cheese making.  I will definitely try this                                at home.”                                                                                    –  Karen “You get a great up close perspective of food source…and enjoy the “fruits of your labor.”        –  Sandra “It was great to be able to taste all our cheeses and fresh eggs when we finished – and a lot of fun to learn how to make three kinds of cheese and how they flow from each other.”         –  Robin Robin graduated from the Goat’s Milk Soap and Lotion Making Class (just after she took The Goat Cheese Making Class) on December 4, 2011.  She learned of the class through the Colorado Springs Urban Homesteading Meetup Group and through her brother, who took the Solar Greenhouse Building Class that we hosted earlier in the year. “We got a very thorough intro to making soap.  I’m very excited that I’m going to have a number of bars of soap and some lotion with no petroleum products in them.  I’m glad we learned a lot about the proper handling of lye.”     –  Robin Ryan and Stevie graduated from the Just Cheese Making Class on November 30, 2011.  They attempted making mozzarella at home over the summer, but it never worked!  They decided to take the class to learn how to make it successfully.  And, they did!  They made beautiful mozzarella! (and soft goat cheese and ricotta!) [I liked] “The clear explanation of what to do and what to expect through each process.”                                                                              –  Ryan “Loved, Loved, Loved this class!  I would recommend this class for anyone who wants fresh and tasty cheese at home!”   –  Stevie Sue and Aaron graduated from The Hard Cheese Making Class on November 20, 2011.  They both had already taken The Goat Cheese Making Class to get the basics “All good.  Beautiful day in a beautiful setting with great people.  No better way to spend a Sunday!”  –  Sue “Good information, instruction, answers questions.”     –  Aaron Tricia, Linda and Tricia’s two daughters graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on November 18, 2011!  Tricia had goat milk share at a goat dairy and wanted to learn more ways to use the milk.  Linda won the class at the Homestead Fair at Good Earth Garden Center in October.  And, that’s me on the right. “The class was so fun and educational!”  –  Tricia “I liked making lunch.” –  Tricia’s five-year-old daughter “I love the idea of being able to get back closer to nature.  Attending The Goat Cheese Making Class gave me the opportunity to glimpse how Lindsey and her family are actually doing it in a big city.  Makes me want to someday do it myself.”   –  Linda LeAnn graduated from The Bread Making Class on November 19, 2011!  She had attended The Goat Cheese Making Class and noticed that the freshly ground, organic whole wheat bread did not affect her gluten intolerance….so she decided to learn how to make it! “Great to know that this bread is truly organically healthy!”     –  LeAnn Karen, (my) Aunt Audrey, Dolores and Judith graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on November 13, 2011!  Karen is in town from California visiting Aunt Audrey…and they thought the class would be something fun to do!  Dolores is interested in goats, but thinks she’ll start with chickens on her “postage stamp” lot.  Judith drove down from the Denver area for the class….she already keeps bees and has farming experience….she plans on getting goats sometime in her future! “Great cheese and fun to make!”   –  Dolores “You’ll have fun – learn lots- and eat great cheese you helped make!”  –  Audrey “This is a great class.  Lindsey is very knowledgeable about making cheese and I learned well by the hands-on nature of her class.  The cheese is delicious!” –  Judith “Amazing morning filled with ALL new experiences and easy learning.”    –  Karen Christopher and Renee brought two of their kids down from their hometown in Northern Colorado to attend and graduate from The Goat Cheese Making Class on November 12, 2011!  They can’t wait to escape suburbia and homestead with goats and chickens on some acreage.  This class made them want to move SOONER! rather than later. “The instructor is wonderful and easy to understand, and I learned so much, too!”                                                                                                                             –  Daughter “I liked milking the goats in the barn.” –  Son “If you are interested in goats or just in making cheese, this is a great class to put you back in touch with where food really comes from.” –  Christopher “Lindsey was wonderful about answering all of our questions and tailoring the class to our interests, including more of the daily care of goats and chickens.”  – Renee Keith, Marnie and their children drove down from Idaho Springs, Colorado, to take The Goat Cheese Making Class on November 6, 2011.  They graduated with flying colors!  They already have chickens, but are seriously contemplating getting goats.  Learning how to make cheese and learning about the goats may just convince them that they should do it! “This class is perfect!  Lindsey is knowledgeable, personable and great with the entire family.  Her patience with the children was a lesson in itself.”       –  Keith “I was scared to milk the goats at first, then I wanted to do everything!!”   –  6-year-old “What I loved about this class was milking the goats!”  – 11-year-old “I liked milking the goats.” –  13-year-old “Great introduction for anyone interested in goats and the making of cheese.  Lindsey was wonderful with our children and made it fun for them as well. ”  –  Marnie Emilie, Mandy, Jajean and Allison graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on November 5, 2011!  Emilie was born and raised in France and LOVES goat cheese.  Mandy and Jajean are sisters-in-law, and this is Jajean’s second time in the class.  Allison (and her husband) work together to raise and sell organic cucumbers with Jajean (and her husband) for direct sale to Whole Foods! “Now that I have taken the class twice, I would like to try a different class.” –  Jajean “I am not a milk or cheese fan, but I stepped out of my box today and tried it and loved all of it.  Thanks for my new look at what goes into cheese.”          –  Allison “Lindsey is my favorite cheese making teacher!  Yay for The Goat Cheese Lady!”                                                                                                            –  Emilie “Lindsey is a great teacher!  I can’t believe how easy it is to make cheese.  Wonderful class!!” –  Mandy Myra, Myra’s sister, Catherine and Catherine’s friend graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 23, 2011!  The groups of two did not know each other before the class, but hit it off and laughed through the entire class! “We laughed the entire time.  It was so much fun.”   –  Myra’s sister “This class was so much fun!”    –  Catherine “Just great fun, but also a good lesson on being better about finding out where the milk, eggs, food I buy really comes from.”    –  Myra Michelle, Pamela, Jackie and Judy all graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 22, 2011! “The class was so informative, I will be making my own cheese from now on!”                                                                                                                           –  Pamela “Girls, Goats, Good Times!” –  Michelle “Girls, Goats and a Good Time!” –  Jackie “Cheese – It’s what’s for breakfast!  Girls, Goats, Good times!”  –  Judy Kumsuk, Sharon and Dennice graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 21, 2011!  They are a trio of friends who likes to get out and do different things! “It’s a good chance to know how to make cheeses.  It was not complicated and very useful, fresh and delicious.  Lindsey explains recipes very easily and is a good instructor.”  –  Kumsuk “Great experience.”      –  Dennice “Back to Nature.  Beautiful country setting in the city limits.” –  Sharon Jody, Ryan, Karen and Eileen graduated from The Hard Cheese Making Class on October 1, 2011!  They made a round of hard white goat cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt…all from the goats we milked in the morning…and some extra milk from milking the day before.  Jody is thinking about starting her own cheese making operation, Ryan is moving with his family to Pennsylvania and plans on getting goats.  Karen has become a cheese making enthusiast using her raw cow’s milk from a local farmer who sells cow shares, and Eileen is an exceptional cook and local foods enthusiast! “MMMMMMMCheese!!”          –  Ryan “Endless possibilities in the preservation of food – milk – can be realized in the creation of hard cheeses.  This class is a great beginning to gaining the skills necessary in creating your favorite cheese!”           –  Jody “The Hard Cheese Making Class is a perfect sequel to the original cheese class!  I look forward to making aged cheeses to enjoy and share.”      –  Eileen “Even more fun to take the Hard Cheese Making Class!  So many tips and ideas on how to use raw milk to make many related cheeses- like cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese and ricotta.”      –  Karen Adelaide, Rebecca, Bernadette and Aaron graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 15, 2011!  Adelaide is in town visiting her daughter, Rebecca brought her mother-in-law, Bernadette, for her a birthday gift.  Aaron wants to buy land and raise goats, so he’s learning all the ropes. “I enjoyed all the info regarding the chickens and goats”  –  Bernadette “Awesome.  Good info.”        –  Aaron “Really loved the spicy cheese and caramel!       –  Rebecca “You are a fantastic teacher!  You got everyone involved in all the steps!”  – Adelaide Alma and Ryan graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 8, 2011!  They braved snowy conditions and icy roads to drive two hours from Ryan’s mountain town to get to class.  Alma was here visiting Ryan and his family from Pennsylvania and Ryan is prepping for his family’s move back home to Pennsylvania…where he hopes to get goats!  Ryan also gave my very sour homemade plum butter a proper name…Power Plum Sauce.  It’s only for the brave. “I liked the variety of cheeses – the ricotta was outstanding!”  –  Ryan “I love it!” –  Alma Jon and Patsy graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on October 2, 2011! “A great fun and learning experience!” –  Jon “Some of the most fun you will have!” –  Patsy Anita, Karen, Sarah, Krystal, Linda and Jeff graduated on September 25, 2011 from the special Local Food Week Goat Cheese Making Class! “Amazing to find a self-sufficient and serf-sustaining farm within the city limits of Colorado Springs!  You are sharing so much wisdom and creating experiences in our community.  Thanks so much!”          –  Karen “I liked absolutely everything about today’s class!”     –  Linda “Awesome Experience!”         –  Sarah “You’re never too old to learn something new and exciting and meet new people.  Take a chance and I hope you have as much fun as I did.”       –  Anita “It was a great learning experience and very fun!”        –  Krystal “A great way to learn about making your own foods and a great experience!”   –  Jeff Wendy, Marie, Nancy, Kathy, JoLee and Kathy graduated on September 24, 2011, from the special Local Food Week Goat Cheese Making Class! “Great to experience the process of cheese-making from the beginning to the end.  Much better than reading a book.”     –  Nancy (Master Food Preserver) “I highly recommend this class.  Lindsey, The Goat Cheese Lady, is knowledgeable, patient and fun.  You will have an authentic farm to table experience complete with gorgeous Pike’s Peak Views.”          –  Wendy “Fun, informal class with delicious results!  I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys preparing their own food.  Very practical style.”              –  Marie “An amazing teacher, so well organized.  The class experience of making cheese after milking the goats was a lot of fun.  I am really impressed with the time and energy Lindsey put into this.”       –  Catherine Julie, Laura, Linda, Natalka, Sue and Susan are the first graduates of the special Local Food Week Goat Cheese Making Class on September 19, 2011!  Julie is a working mom who has a passion for local foods, Laura dreams of having a farm combining animals and biotech, Linda got the class as a birthday present from Natalka and Susan.  Natalka and Susan’s husbands bought them gift certificates last Christmas for the class and Sue learned about the class on Facebook! “Knowing where your food comes from is so important and this is a great place to start.”          –  Sue “From udder to table, a woderful hands on experience.  If you like goat cheese you will love this class! –  Natalka “The 1st egg I’ve eaten in 52 years.  I gained a whole new appreciation for cheese.”              –  Susan “What a spectacular environment to experience making your own “FOOD.”  Every part of the process was so enjoyable and informatieve.  Highly recommend attending one of these classes.”      –  Julie Marieke, Jan, Emke and Mary graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on September 18, 2011.  Marieke set it all up for her mother and 2 friends…they drove down from the Boulder area the night before, stayed at the El Colorado Lodge, and came to the class in the morning!  Marieke is a geologist and originally from Holland, her mother, Emke, is visiting from Holland for 2 weeks.  OUR FIRST INTERNATIONAL STUDENT!!!  Jan is retired from the Mining Museum and Mary is an architect who has been “searching for years!” for a cheese making class! “Fantastic class!”         –  Marieke “An experience that cannot be matched!”      –  Emke “Class is very informative, but has such a warm, friendly atmosphere.  Great combination of meeting and learning about hte farm animals (outside) and making cheese int he real home kitchen.  Nothing “industrial” about the whole experience!”       –  Jan “Most fun I’ve had on a Saturday morning for a long time.  I’ve wanted to take a cheesemaking clas sfor years and this intro class was as good as I’d hoped.”   –  Mary  Carole, Kathey, Jody and Jeremy graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on September 11, 2011.  Carol heard about the class from a friend (Melanie) who came to the class over the summer!  Kathey and Carole drove from 2 hours away to get here!  Jody has raised her own Nigerian Dwarfs and other goats for over 15 years, but wanted to improve her cheesemaking skills.  Jeremy owns an Auto Body Shop in town and wanted to get back to his farming roots. “Great fun, different and enjoyable way to spend a morning and best of all simple and practical skill to take home.  Lindsey is delightful and so generous about sharing all she know about cheese making.” –  Carole “Learning to make cheese is a great step in being independant in feeding our families and gives us awareness to the collaborative importance of dairy animals in our lives.”   – Jody “This cheese making class has helped me slow down; to remember hand made foods take time and are joyful to create!”           –  Cathey  “A great farmlike experience.  Getting to see and be a part of the whole cheese making process is awesome.” –  Jeremy Dawn, Christina, Wendy and Keith graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on September 3, 2011!  Christina is here from Florida visiting her friend Dawn.  Wendy and Keith decided to celebrate Wendy’s birthday here! “Great birthday experience.  The cheese was incredibly tasty and the process of making was very fun.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Thanks for being such a great hostess!”                                                                 –  Wendy “Do something diffirent in your predictable life.  Take a chance, you might like it.”                                                                                 -Keith “A wealth of information about goat cheese as well as living somewhat “off the grid.”  I loved the family en masse!!  (goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs and folks!)          –  Christina “A welcoming place where I learned so much in just a few hours!”    –  Dawn Marcia and Sharon graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on August 20, 2011.  They are friends through their knitting group.  Marcia used to never like goat cheese, and Sharon tried unsuccessfully to make mozarella at home.  Marcia loved today’s goat cheese and they both made great mozarella!!!!! “Loved every minute!”     –  Sharon “This whole morning was so much fun.  What is my favorite?  —-everything…milking goats , gathering eggs, making the cheese and then a wonderful brunch!”                                                                                                                                              –  Marcia Audrey, Mark and Linda graduated from The Goat Cheese Class AND The Soap and Lotion class on August 19, 2011.  Linda and Audrey are sisters, Mark is Linda’s husband.  They all took the whole day off work to spend the day here on our farm. “I really enjoy making things and eating what I made was certainly a bonus.  Thank you Goat Cheese Lady!” –  Mark “This is a great class to take to learn and appreciate cheese even more.”     –  Linda “Had a great time!  Would highly recommend both these classes.  I especially liked milking the goats.  Am anxious to go home and try on my own!”         –  Audrey Andy, Stacy, their two boys, Andy’s sister, and friends Ron and his daughter Sarah, graduated from a shorter version of the Goat Cheese Class on August 14, 2011.  Andy and his family are on vacation here from California! “Hi, I am Sarah.  I recommend this class because you can milk a goat!  Hold bunnies!  Get eggs!”                             –  Sarah “Fun and educational.  Lindsey is a great teacher and Herbert is so funny.  We feel like we’ve made good freinds.” “I really enjoyed the class.  Mrs. Lindsey and Mr. Herbert were great teachers and I learned a whole lot about goats and how to make amazingly good cheese.  I’m even starting to like goat milk!  I would definitely come to this class again and not only to get yummy cheese!                –  Ryan “Make some great cheese and have fun.  Learn about livestock and natural food”. –  Ron  “The experience was like a Sunday family gathering – coming together with friends who graciously invite you into their home and share knowledge and an unforgettable experience.  Absolutely one of the most wonderful and enjoyable few hours we have spent here in Colorado.”                                     –  Stacy “Everything was great.”   –  Thomas  Amy, Mira, Vicky (not pictured) and Vickie (not pictured) graduated from The Goat Cheese Class on August 6, 2011!  Amy is currently ranked 9th in the world! in shooting rifle and she an Mira have been friends since they were 9.  Mira was here on vacation from California. “I can’t think of a better way to spend a morning than learning about cheese making with Lindsey.  A beautiful garden, friendly goats, wonderful people, and delicious food!  –  Mira “This class was so much fun.  I learned a lot and enjoyed every minute.  It lived up to every expectation!          –  Vicky “Fantastic Fun!”          –  Vickie “It’s truly and amazing experience to fully participate in the preparation of your meal.  I love being able to understand the entire process from beginning to end.”    –  Amy Tonya and Rene, sisters, graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on August 4, 2011!  Rene was in town for a week from California and they came to make cheese! “Loved how Lindsey tood us step by step through this process with great explanations.”                                                           –  Tonya “I was surprised how simple it is to make soft cheese.  It was wonderful to have the whole experience from beginning to end!”                    –  Rene Cheryl (in orange) and her friend Sheila, and Sheila’s grandkids graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 31, 2011!  Sheila is the superintendant of Fountain Ft. Carson School District in Colorado Springs and Cheryl is semi-retired, but was the director of Special Education in the district for years! “I know I will like learning how to make cheese and experimentation with different kinds.  I probably will not be milking a goat again, but it was fun.”    –  Cheryl “Great fun!”          –  Sheila “It was fun!”          – Genna (age 7) “Milking the goats and finding eggs was fun and I’ve never made cheese before, much less good cheese!  Everything was just the right pace.”           – Libby Michele graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 30, 2011!  Remember her?  She’s the one with the cool job?  We had a ball at the class! What did you like most about today’s class?    “I have to choose?  The total experience was great.  My favorite thing was starting with raw milk and turning it into so many different, delicious items!”                –  Michele Joyce, Melanie and Haley graduated fromThe Goat Cheese Class on July 23, 2011.  Joyce and Melanie are sisters, Melanie drove down from Denver for the class!  Haley got a gift certificate for Christmas from her mother-in-law. “I feel that this class was one of the most unique and FUN  experiences I have had!  It is amazing how many different uses goat’s milk has!”        –  Haley  “This was absolutely wonderful – the farm, the animals, the people and the cheese!  Completely exceeded my expectations!  Thank you Lindsey for making us feel like family!   –  Joyce “It’s amazing that a few gallons of goat’s milk can become so manyu different flavors and textures.  Yum!”   –  Melanie Jeannette, Chella, Terry,  and Kathy graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 17, 2011.  They all worked together for years…decades, even!…until Chella and Terry retired.  Kathy and Jeannette are still working away.  They all, except Chella, attended the Chevre Making Class that I taught in June at Harlan Wolfe Ranch. “The best experience of living on an urban farm.  Wonderful way to spend the morning, milking goats and making a nd eating cheese.  What a wonderful time!     –  Chella “What a way to get back to the natural basics.  Got Goats???”          –  Terry “This is a great way to touch going back to the basics.  Get out of grocery stores and take this class!  This is learning we can all use.  Fabulous.  Lots of baby animals, beautiful garden, views!!!        –  Kathy “Life skills…Everyone should know how to milk a goat!”        –  Jeannette Katie, Geena, Linda and Kirk graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 16, 2011.  Geena and Katie are friends who first took the one hour Chevre making class at Harlan Wolfe Ranch.  Kirk and Linda are married, and according to Kirk, Linda lives in the city but is really a frustrated farmer.  She wants goats!!! “Taking the class with The Goat Cheese Lady was so much fun!  A little bit of God’s Pure Joy!  Thank you so much!”            –  Geena A great way tot spend a morning.  I learned new skills to use in my own kitchen and enjoyed a great brunch!             –  Linda “Ya Gotta Do It!!!”            –  Kirk “Lindsey is so outgoing and willing to share her knowledge!  It was fun to make all the different cheeses.”     –  Katie Nancy, Cris and Elaine, all friends through the middle school where Elaine works, graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on July 9, 2011.  And, rather rudely, when they arrived, I looked straight at Nancy and Cris’s feet and said “I LOVE YOUR BOOTS!” instead of politely saying, “Hi, it’s nice to meet you!”  But, I guess it worked…Nancy left her boots for me to keep!  Thanks, Nancy!  I love them! “I feel so excited about adding the things I’ve learned today to my repertoire of “from scratch” foods.  This morning at the farm has been a glimpse into a totally functional, self-sufficient lifestyle.  So pleased to have been a part of this!”                –  Elaine “From barn to table in three hours, a true miracle!  I have been inspired to teither make do or do without.  This is sustainable living at its best!”                 –  Nancy “Everything was above any expectations I could have imagined.  Let’s get back to sustainable living, learn where our food comes from.”             –  Cris My dear friend, Angelita, and her best friend from high school, Eileen, graduated from The Goat Cheese Class on July 5, 2011.  Eileen flew in from New Jersey just for the class.  No, just kidding…she flew in to see Angelita and Angelita gave Eileen the class for her birthday! “A model for sustainability and creative resourcefulness – all of us should know where our food comes from and the process to the table and our bodies.”      –  Angelita “I appreciated the thoroughness of instruction about the cheese making process.  We didn’t just mimic Lindsey’s demonstration, we understood the what and why.  Cheese making is not scary!”           –  Eileen Ruth, Linda and Elise graduated from The Goat Cheese Class on June 26, 2011!  Elise is the head chef for Panzano’s restaurant in Denver! “I never realized how simple and fast milking to cheese could be.  I thought it would be “over my head.”  Instead it is a calming, beautiful and natural process with amazing results!”             –  Ruth “An amazing way to learn about goats especially if you know nothing.  Very relaxed teaching – no intimidation.  We went from not ever touching a goat to actually getting milk from them.  Lindsey is very knowledgeable from the yard to the kitchen.”                  –  Linda Pat, Dana and Lisa graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 25, 2011.  They are friends who worked together for years at the same company before they all got laid off.  Now, they do “fieldtrips” together! “This was a great experience!  Learned new things and had fun, too!  Thanks!”                                                                                 –  Pat “This class gave me a new appreciation for the food I eat and the quality I prefer.  There is no more LOCAL food than goat milk from 80 feet away! (…that I helped milk!)                                                                                     –  Lisa “This wa the most amazing educational and FUN experience EVER!  (Would do it every day!)       –  Dana Mary and Jane graduated from The Just Cheese Making Class on June 13, 2011.  They have known each other since Jane was Mary’s student in high school.  They are both very interested in the chemistry of making cheese. “This is a great class and I hope to continue making my own cheese.”     –  Mary “The mozzarella is divine.”      –  Jane Cassandra, Austin, and Eileen graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 12, 2011.  Cassandra and Austin, both Yoga Instructors, gave it to each other for birthday gifts. “Good, natural, delicious food from animals who are happy, well kept and loved is a real treat!”                             –  Austin “Learning from Lindsey is an amazing experience.  Through the class you feel empowered to make a difference by being close to your food source and feeling more connected to nature.”                      –  Cassandra “I especially enjoyed meeting the goats and learning to milk them.  Lindsey is so fun and relaxed in the kitchen, giving us instructions but letting her students get their hands in the cheese making.”        –  Eileen Samantha, Licia, Andrea, and Libby graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 5, 2011.  Licia’s mom gave her a gift certificate to the class for Christmas! “I had an amazingly interesting day and it was worth every penny.  Lindsey and her goats were fun to spend the day with and I might even come back just to say hi!  I highly recommend it.”      –  Licia “Why wouldn’t you take this class!!??  It was so fun – and I learned so much!  Who knew that I could make the best tasting mozzarella ever!?                      –  Andrea “All of it was great!  I loved milking the goats, but learning how to and getting to make and eat all of the cheese was great too! ”                –  Libby “It’s so satisfying to make your own cheese, I can’t wait to try this at home!”                                                                           –  Samantha LeAnne, Paul, and Harriett graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 4, 2011. “I wanted to honor the memory of my grandfather.  He raised goats and sold milk and cheese.  I wanted to experience that for myself.”          –  Paul “It feels so right!” –  LeAnn Lisa graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on June 3, 2011. “This class was a great hands on experience.  I loved being able to do everything from milking to straining, stirring, etc.  It made the final product that much more meaningful and delicious!  Thanks for a great class!”            –  Lisa Robert, Ruth, Aaron, Sean and Mary graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on May 29, 2011.  Robert’s mother in Oklahoma gave his family a gift certificate to the class for Christmas.  Robert and Ruth’s third son could not come…so Aunt Mary got to take his place! It is just amazing!  I didn’t have any idea that it would turn out so well!  This class was very educational, fun, entertaining, and amazing.  If you could take this class, I think you would be crazy not to.                  –  Aaron “Very comfortable – home like atmosphere.” –  Mary “Thank you for a wonderful morning!  Lindsey is so patient and knowledgeable and ean excellent teacher.  Definately would recommend the class for anyone interested in making their own cheese.”              –  Ruth “Delish.  Period.”    –  Sean “What fun learning how to be more self sufficient – a skill not taught any longer.”                                                    –  Robert Bonnie and her daughter, Molly, graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on May 28, 2011. “It’s always fun to try something new!  Especially when it’s with someone you love!”                                                                                 –  Bonnie “The class was a great foundation for keeping goats and using their products.  Lindsey was very sweet and knowledgeable.  Super fun and breakfast was great!!                                                                                           –  Molly Ellen graduated from the Just Cheese Making Class on May 22, 2011.  Her 4 kids bought her a gift certificate for Mother’s Day!! “I am delighted to find that cheese making is so do-able and that the cheeses are absolutely delicious!                        –  Ellen Vanessa, Wyatt, Owen, Laurel and Karen graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on May 22, 2011.   Vanessa’s kids got a gift certificate for Christmas for the class, they loved milking the goats!  Karen was thrilled to get into the last available spot for the day, because she’s thinking she might want to be a farmer in her 3rd career! “It is a great experience with the farm animals.  It was wonderful to see the process of cheese from the very beginning.”        -Vanessa “Thank you for the great, hands on, homemade, fresh experience!”         -Karen Susan thought her family should take the Goat Cheese Making Class because it sounded interesting!  Her mother, Josephine, was in town for her Travis’s high school graduation, so Josephine came to the class too, along with Darren (Susan’s husband) and son, soon-to-be-junior-in-high-school, Kyle.  They graduated on May 15, 2011. “Can’t wait to start making my own cheese.  I want to take the chicken class too!”                 –Susan “I didn’t know what to expect but this Sunday truned out to be one of the best.  Awesome animals, good people, and delicious food made today.  Amazing…Is the oven supposed to have a fire in it?”              – Travis “This is probably the best class I’ve ever taken.  I’ll be using these skills for the rest of my life.”      -Kyle “It is so satisfying to relish eating the things we made.”        -Josephine. “Amazing to see the path from goat milk to something delicious on the table in a very short time.”               -Darren Donna, Tim, Bill and Josie are all passionate employees of The Mercy Center.  Many of their program participants are from other countries and are accustomed to eating goat cheese, so Father Bill, Tim, Donna and Josie decided they ought to learn to make it! “Lindsey was a great teacher/instructor.  She knew the art and science of cheese making and made learning an exciting experience.”                –  Bill “Great down to earth and living with nature and living off the land.”         –  Tim “Fun and informative.”          – Josie Jason, Lisa and Ashley graduated from The Goat Cheese Class on May 7, 2011.  Jason (and Lisa) looked exceptional in their flowered aprons.  Ashley, my City Girl Sister, stepped out of the city and onto the farm for the experience! “I loved it!  It’s so much more than just “cheese”!  –  Lisa “This class is really informative – no question goes unanswered.” –  Jason “Very fun…even for a city girl!!”      –  Ashley Jennifer and Karen graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on May 30, 2011.  Karen is very interested in natural healing and Jennifer in raising her young kids in the healthiest way possible. Ryan, Laura, Sue and Blake graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on April 23, 2011!  Blake and Sue got the class as a gift from Blake’s parents…and loved it.  Blake was raised on goat cheese in Southern Colorado.  Laura is a photographer who could envision great goat milking pictures and Ryan loves to cook and experiment, so it was a great morning!!! “It is and amazing experience to see hte entire process, from milking the goat to making cheese then to eating a great brunch.  Extremely educational.  A valuable experience.”            -Laura “Self sufficiency is a dying art.  This class is amazing to show you how easy making cheese can be!  You can do it!!”         –  Ryan “The Best Morning Ever…me and the goats!!”          -Sue “A great experience and morning.  Old fashion skills and experience, worth every minute.”          -Blake Deborah, Dale, Regina and George graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on April 17, 2011.  Regina bought a gift certificate for herself at the Peak Dems fundraising auction and invited her husband, George, and their friends Dale and Deborah to come along.  I’m pretty sure they didn’t stop laughing the entire time! Tim and Lisa graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on April 10, 2011!  Lisa wanted to take the class for her birthday present…and Tim gave it to her! “Yum!”                                            -Tim “Everyone should know where their food comes from.  Makes you appreciate the dining experience more.”                         – Lisa   Michelle, Melanie (who likes striking like Mary Lou Retton) and Allison graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on March 27, 2011. “Cheese is not as hard to make as I thought it would be, it is not that hard.  I will start to make mozzarella at home.” “Mary Lou Retton was here.”                   –  Melanie “I had a blast!”                                             –  Allison Bonnie, Melanie, Jaime, Todd, Dillon, Karole, Chris, Jenny and Carol ALL!!! graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on March 20, 2011.  They all work out together at a gym in Colorado Springs, and they were the biggest group yet! “Fun way to connect with nature and to enjoy excellent food.”          –  Melanie “Informative, wonderful class.”      –  Carol “Great experience and tons of fun!”   –  Jenny “Thank you for accommodating our big group!  We had a wonderful time and will be talking about it for weeks!”         –  Bonnie “Great environment.  Lindsey and her family were incredibly accommodating to us strangers.”             –  Chris “I had no idea it was so easy to make cheese and I will totally try this at home.  I’m going to bring some girlfriends back – including one who eats only raw dairy products!”          –  Karole “Had a great time – finished product was amazing!”   Amanda, Marilyn, Lydia and Wende graduated from the Goat cheese Making Class on March 19, 2011!  They are the first class to ever see baby goats born!  The kids were born right in the middle of stretching the mozzarella! “What a great class and so informative and we got the added bonus of seeing 3 kids born!  What fun!” “Very educational.  You learn new things from both Lindsey and the other guests.” “So much fun!” Dan, Laurie, Carolyn and Bob graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on March 6, 2011.  They are close friends who love go bird watching…and now milk goats! “Fun, educational and delicious!” “The class was delicious!  (first time I ever said that about a class!)” “An all around great experience from goat to kitchen!  Lindsey’s a wonderful teacher!” “Great fun to do as 2 couples!”    –  Dan Jake, Ramona and Danielle graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on March 5, 2011.  Sophie (featured in the Woodman and Cheyenne Editions), Jake’s girlfriend, took the class as a birthday gift from her mom in November.  She wanted to “Pay it forward” and gave the class to Jake and his mom, Ramona, for Jake’s birthday!  Danielle and her family are moving to their own farm at the end of the month and wanted some goating lessons!! “I found the class very educational and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants some hands-on experience!” “I eat a lot of cheese but knew almost nothing about it before the class.  I couldn’t imagine a better way to be introduced to milking livestock and making cheese, and the breakfast was great!   – Jake   Amy and Brian graduated from the Just Cheese Making Class on March 5, 2011.  They are friends who both love to cook…and are the ones that taught me how to make popcorn! “This is what I love about cooking – doing it with others and learning from each other.  Great instruction, wonderful food and insightful company.  I give it a 10!” “Guys can learn to make cheese too!” Kathleen, Linda, Lucinda and Sybil, all friends who love to knit, graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on March 1, 2011, one month after their first class had to be cancelled due to -13 degree weather! “I never really liked mozzarella before and now I know why.  The difference between store-bought and handmade is incredible!” “Lindsey is very organized and gives a lot of information along with the hands on cheese making.” “As a non-cook, I was delighted to create something scrumptious to eat on my first try! Lindsey is an amazing teacher.” “The class was well organized and practical enough to allow one to successfully make cheese at home.” Carol graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on February 28, 2011. “Quite enjoyable, very informative.” Jajean, Debi, Laurel and Virginia graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on February 23, 2011.  They, deep in competition to determine which “team” of cheese makers would win…decided it was a tie.  (Everyone except Virginia…) “I have always wanted to learn how to make goat cheese and own a goat or two.  The experience was wonderful, laid back but professional…I will make my own cheese in the future.”                                                                  -Jajean “Milking the goats alone was worth the price of admission!  The rest of the class was gravy!  I learned a ton!  Lindsey is organized and explains cheese making very clearly!                                                                   -Laurel Biedermann “I Won!!! (just kidding)  Seriously…Turn off the cell phone, leave the laptop at home, prepare to enjoy “back to basics”.                     – Virginia “This is true experiential learning – from milking the goats, making the cheese and then sitting down together to enjoy eating it.”          -Debi Debby and Pat (daughter and mother) graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on February 22, 2011!  They are holding their cooler full of cheese!  Each gave the other the class for their birthday present…and agreed it was much better than giving (or receiving) a shirt. “This was my birthday gift!  We had a wonderful time, the cheese was delicious and the memories will last longer than any gift!” “My birthday gift from Debby was great.  We have the pictures to prove it.  Thanks again, Lindsey!” Linnea, Claire and Grant graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on February 20, 2011.  Claire gave the class to Linnea for Christmas and Grant’s wife gave it to him for his birthday! “You will absolutely love a morning in the life of Lindsey and her family!  A delight…with yummy cheese to boot!” “Thanks to Lindsey and family for making the experience one to remember.  Thanks also for answering all our questions and passing your knowledge on to us!!” “If you love goats and cheese, this is the place for you!!” Rob, Eli and Jenney graduated from the Just Cheese Making Class on February 19, 2011.  Eli grew up with goats, so she didn’t need to learn how to milk.  She and Rob just wanted to learn to make cheese.  Jenney had tried to make mozzarella at home a couple times and it never turned out!  She just really wanted to learn! “Finally someone could show me how to make the perfect mozzarella.  The goat flavor is very mild so even if you aren’t a goat cheese person, it still tastes very good.” “I enjoyed learning to make cheese, it’s nice to slow down and enjoy an old process.” “Lindsey is so sweet and easy to talk to.  She is a wonderful teacher.  This class brings me back to when I was little and life was so simple.  She reminded me that making more of my family’s food from scratch would not be too difficult.”   Hannah graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on February 19, 2011.  She thought she needed something different to do, so she signed up for the class! “It was a good experience!” Edie was the bravest soul of all of my students…she graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on February 8, 2011…and it was around -3 degrees.  Everyone else who was scheduled to come to class that day cancelled!  Edie took her cheeses home and made an awesome looking lasagna!  “I learned how simple it could be to produce more of my family’s food.” Mary, Henrietta, Janet and Rachel graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on February 6, 2011.  They are a bunch of rugged tennis player friends who you don’t want to meet in a dark alley.  No, just kidding…they are a nice group of gals, but just don’t mention the words “cheese balls” to them.  Their minds hit the gutter. “This class was so informative.  I also feel ready to buy a goat of my own just after this one class!  Linsey makes cheese making so easy and uncomplicated!”              -Mary “Just great!” “Lindsey is very knowledgeable and has a great ability to make the class both fun and educational!  Highly recommended.” “I would recommend this class to everyone.  I loved it!”               –  Janet Christine, Margaret and Jim graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on February 5, 2011.  Margaret and Christine are bus drivers and life long friends.  Jim’s wife bought him the class for his birthday!! “By going through the class, you get a real feel for the nuances of the process.  The intangables that you don’t get by simply reading and trying to follow a recipe.” “A great experience!” “It was like a “Little House On The Prairie” experience!”   Gary, Sally, Diane and David graduated from The Goat Cheese Making Class on January 29, 2011.  They love to go bird watching together, and they thought milking and making cheese would be a fun addition to their experiences together. “Hands on experience.” “[I enjoyed seeing] Diane bonding with Nubians.” “Lindsey is the goat Lady, but also the “Goat Diva!  We had a fantastic time – so much fun!!!”                 -Sally “What a great morning, great conversation and great food and the weather was perfect.  The goats were very well mannered.”    Dave, Kathy, AJ and Tracey all graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on January 23, 2011.  Dave and Kathy are married, and Dave is a chef who loves to cook.  Tracey and AJ are married and raise Alpacas! “Great experience.” “Who would have thought that goat cheese making could be so easy – and that goat cheese is so great tasting!  Absolutely a great way to spend Sunday morning!” “Learned a lot in a fun atmosphere!” “The class was great…very informative, fun, and entertaining.  I would definately recommend it for no other reason than something unique to do on a weekend morning.”   Nate, Sydney and Melissa graduated from the Just Cheese Making Class on January 15, 2011.  They made a stellar batch of mozzarella and awesome chevre and ricotta!  And, Sydney is only 10!  Sydney is Nate’s girlfriend’s daughter and LOVES cheese! Melissa is a nature lover, showed us AMAZING pictures of 3 bobcats in her backyard, and writes for the Westside Pioneer. “I enjoyed the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that Lindsey created.  Tasting something made with such care and fresh, good ingredients is one of the better ways to spend an afternoon.”           -Nate “I really liked the bread and the homemade ricotta.”           -Sydney “Easy and fun to make delicious cheeses with Lindsey’s good-natured guidance in her bright kitchen.  Final products – yum!”           -Melissa Heather, Joe, Claire and Annie graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on January 15, 2011.  Heather hopes to have her own farm someday and brought her boyfriend, Joe, along for the experience.  Claire and Annie are good friends and self-proclaimed “foodies!”  They have already signed up for the Gardening Class…Claire will have her first garden this summer! “Not only was the class a BLAST, but I learned so much and gained a greater appreciation for the foods we eat and where they come from.” “What a great way to spend a morning!  I learned new skills I will use at home as well as getting to know wonderful people and animals.” “Why eat cheese made from the milk of someone you’ve never met?  What a lovely class!” “The class was more an experience than anything.  From milking the goats to seeing an almost infinite amount of possibilities one can make from goat’s milk…it was very eye opening.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!”   Clare, her mom Julie (left middle) and her Aunt Emily (right middle) graduated from the Goat Cheese Making class on January 13, 2011.  They allowed me…far right…to sneak into the picture! The three girls (aren’t their aprons cool???  My good friend, Debi, gave them to me for Christmas to use for the class!) wanted a girls day out on the day before Clare flew back to college in Washington State.  So, Clare and Julie drove down from Denver! to meet Aunt Emily for the class. “This class was so personal – the small size made every step fun and comfortable.  We were welcomed into the daily routine and walked away with new knowledge, delicious cheese and a relationship with a truly remarkable family”           -Clare “I felt like a part of the family learning from a sister or cousin.  Lindsey has a very easy style and pleasant kitchen and we ended up with a delicious product at the end of the morning.  Her husband and son are delightful as well!” “I fulfilled my long time dream of milking goats and making cheese.  Thanks enormously for a truly memorable experience.”     Rick, Kathleen and Terry all graduated on January 8, 2011.  Rick and Kathleen’s daughter bought them a gift certificate for Christmas and signed them up for class without them knowing.  They were my biggest skeptics yet…and my most successful conversions!  They came to class thinking it was a joke that their daughter had played on them and left having fully enjoyed the experience! Terry’s family gave her a gift certificate for Christmas too…and she had asked for it!  Contrary to Rick and Kathleen, Terry knew what she was getting into and loved it! “The “goat lady’s” children are the spice of the goat cheese making experience!”   -Rick “Lindsey is great at making everyone comfortable – fans and skeptics alike!  What a great experience.” “Much more fun and interesting that I expected.  Learned things that I can use in my own home cooking.” Annie, Sean and their boys graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on January 3, 2011! Annie watched Food, Inc. 2 years ago and her family says their lives (and food) have not been the same since.  She is very conscious about what they eat, and surprised her family with a Goat Cheese Making Class…Annie and her 4 boys (Sean, her husband, included).  The boys thought it was a little early to have to get up, but they ended up enjoying it! “It’s completely a new experience and really educational and exciting bringing food from its natural beginning to the table!  Would highly recommend this class!   –  Annie “It’s awesome and super fun.  A great family experience.  The food was fantastic.” “If people like you take this class, you will find cool and fun experiences that can be cherished for a lifetime”   -Samuel “It was so fun and you are completely involved and you didn’t sit out.  Also, the meal was great!”     Ali and Art with 4 of their 5 kids, Meghan, Bethany, Tom and Hannah graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on January 2, 2011…The First Class of The New Year!!! Ali and Art intended to surprise Bethany for her 21st birthday…and…she kept it under wraps until the day before! “The class was very direct in the directions.  I feel I could give this information to others.” “I would recommend anyone visiting Colorado Springs and looking for something to do that is wholesome and healthy to consider doing this class.  It’s fun and instructive, good for kids and adults who like good food and animals.  What kid doesn’t like animals?” “It makes you want to have your own animals (mini farm).” “Learning to organically and naturally make your own food can be tons of fun!” “It’s really cool seeing how easy it is to make your own cheese and to live in a farm setting.  I recommend this class with great enthusiasm!” “The most natural and organic fun to be had in Colorado Springs!”      Marilan, Kim, Stacy and Rocky graduated from the Just Cheese Making Class on December 29, 2010. Marilan and Kim are sisters…they grew up on the 62 1/2 acre farm sold some years back, and Marilan bought back!  Marilan raises goats, pigs and cows (maybe some other animals I forgot!) and makes her own goat treats that she may market for sale!  She brought me some…the goats LOVE them!  Kim is a life long gardener.  She works for my favorite gardening store…Good Earth!  P.S.  Marilan is my new favorite goat person. Rocky and Stacy are married and are city folk.  They just thought it sounded interesting to learn to make cheese!  They had a garden this past summer and are looking forward to planting one again! “Even having owned and done some of my own goat items, this is a wonderful class to learn hands on.” “If learning about foods and what’s in them concerns you…you should consider learning about cheese and the process involved.” “It was wonderful and very interesting.” “An entertaining eye-opener for the city folk!”    Leah, Angela, Judy and Barbara graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on December 29, 2010! Leah is Angela’s niece, Judy and Angela are good friends and fellow acupuncturists (Angela in Colorado Springs, Judy in Tacoma, Washington) and Barbara is Judy’s mom…but doesn’t mind being “Mom” to them all! “It is the best morning you can have.  Goats, cheese, food and friends.” “This class is great.  The whole process is amazing – great for a city girl who knew very little about goats and cheese making.  Now I want a goat!” “Best.  Day.  Ever.” “This class was not only fun but illustrated just how easy and “doable” making cheese can be.” Nan and Marjorie graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on December 20, 2010! They are both avid gardeners and have been friends for years. “We made cheese from milk we had hand milked from gentle goats.” “This class was whey! cool.”      -Nan Sheireen, Felicia, Kathy and Gretchen all graduated from the Goat Cheese Class on December 18, 2010! They all work together and jointly, own over 300 pairs of shoes.  Seriously.  Felicia even had a shoe castle made while overseas, out of wood and mother of pearl.  That girl takes her shoes seriously.  But, while giving Felicia a hard time for her shoe fetish, it came out that Kathy and Sheireen each have pairs of shoes numbering in the triple digits.  (Sheireen is triple digits minus 8, she wanted to make clear.)  Kathy…has 10. ish. “Lindsey creates a delightful learning environment and makes living naturally seem so comfortable and easy.  Very inspiring experience.” “Fun way to spend the day with friends and Lindsey – our new friend.  Beyond yummy!” “Beware the vulture chicken!”         -Felicia “Not only will you have a wonderful time with goats, but you will learn something while sampling the most delicious cheese you will ever taste!  And then you will have Lindsey’s breakfast, and you will offer to milk her goats forever just to have her cooking.”                                                                                                              -Katherine  Brenda and Kelly graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on December 11, 2010!  Brenda’s husband got it for her as her birthday gift.  Kelly loves to cook and knows how to do just about everything except cheese…until now!  Oso did not take the class, but loves goat’s milk. “I truly enjoyed being out doors with the goats and the chickens and learning something new!  It was a very interesting and enjoyable morning!” “What a wonderful experience!  I think we all could walk away from this class with a greater appreciation for not only knowing where and how our food is made, but the benefits of doing/growing it ourselves!!” Janet and Barbara graduated from the Just Cheese Making Class on December 11, 2010!  They are sisters and also took the Soap and Lotion Making Class.  They are a joy to be with and are planning to take the Bread Making Class as well! “Second class I’ve taken and loved it!  Want to take the bread class.  To the goats, You Go Girls!” “You have to take this class!” Ann, Kristen, Jim and Ben graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on December 5, 2010! Kristin and Jim are married and their son is Ben.  They recognized Ann, but weren’t sure from where.  Then, in the milk room, while milking a goat, Jim announces he’s a neurosurgeon and Ann throws in that she’s a neurologist.  And…they live in the same neighborhood! (I did my best to not say much due to the presence of some really smart people.) (Not really.  I can’t stop myself from talking.) Anyway, I did have to ask them to translate most of the neurology jokes that were flying through the room.  They included some REALLY big words. “Interesting, fun and yummy!” “Inspiring!” “Definitely worth the price when you consider the time – 4 hours of instruction, the delicious lunch and that you get to take home some delicious cheese!” “It may be expensive, but it’s worth it for 4 hours and lunch and also the cheese.” Mary K, Richard, Laura and Matt graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on December 4, 2010! Mary K and Richard live in the Springs and wanted to treat their daughter and son-in-law to something special while they were in town from Washington DC for a quick weekend trip.  It was the first time we’ve had a whole family at the class! “Learn something new, stretch yourself.”           -Richard “If you want to experience a dynamic and interacting way of learning about goat cheese production in an intimate family environment, this is the class!  Thank you!” “A morning with Lindsey will give you a new perspective on food.  You will leave feeling as though you too can reclaim control of the food you put on your table.” “Really fun!  Yummy brunch!  Lindsey is a very patient instructor.”            -Mary K. Lisa, Darin, Dan and Savannah graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on November 28, 2010! Lisa and her brother, Darin, are on the left.  Lisa called Darin and told him what to give her for Christmas and her birthday:  The Goat Cheese Making Class.  He obliged. Dan and Savannah are on the right.  They are moving to their new 40 acre farm tomorrow and decided they’d better squeeze in a trip to our farm to learn a little hands on goat care and cheese making.  They brought their 5-year-old daughter, Navy, with them. “The Goat Cheese Lady’s class is so fun and interactive.  I feel confident now when I have my own goats that I’ll be able to make them productive for our family.  Great class, great teacher.” “I’ve read about making my own cheese but it was really helpful to have Lindsey walk me through the process. I’m looking forward tot trying it again!”             -Darin “I love to cook and it’s important to me that my food is fresh, natural, and healthy.  It was awesome to see firsthand that keeping goats and making your own cheese is doable…and it tastes amazing!” “In today’s society of rushing around, when our food sits on a shelf, already prepared, it is refreshing to “go back” and remember that our food has a source, embedded in soil, and enriched with passion and hard-work.  What a wonderful opportunity to remember simplicity.”                                                                                            –  Savannah Darlene, Sophie and Josh graduated from the Goat Cheese Making Class on November 27, 2010! Darlene SURPRISED her daughter, Sophie, for Sophie’s 21st birthday present with a Goat Cheese Making Class!  Sophie had no idea where her mom was bringing her, nor what she was about to do.  She was pleasantly surprised!  Josh’s 25th birthday WAS TODAY!  And, his mom sent him to the class as his gift. “A great deal of thought, effort, and affection goes into caring for the animals who give us their dairy and eggs.  In this class you will come away with a life-changing experience.  Above all, you will learn that anything is possible through hard work and the willingness to learn.  The views are breathtaking and the cheese is delicious.” “This class brings a greater appreciation of where our food comes from and how delicious it is when it’s fresh and homemade.”                                              – Darlene “The class is small, personable and every question is considered and/or answered.  Lindsey created a lovely atmosphere for the class, outdoors and indoors!” Hannah graduated from the “Just Cheese” class on November 20!  After working hard on her mozzarella, she finally achieved STRETCH!!!  She and her husband have goats on their farm so she didn’t need to learn how to milk.  She just wanted to make cheese! “I loved having someone to answer my questions as we walked through the process – (will have to try some more of the classes.  Thanks!)”     -Hannah   Jaime, Edith, Soraya and Jessica graduated November 20, 2010!  (The Goat Cheese Lady snuck into the picture on the right.) Jaime is a health inspector for the fishing industry in Alaska!  Edith is Jaime’s mom and wants to get goats.  Soraya is an avid horse woman and natural herbal tincture maker.  Jessica is a fellow yogi (i.e. does yoga). “Fantabulous hands on class with lots of “wow” moments milking the goats and making the various cheeses.”                 -Soraya “I love learning about food and any “from scratch” cooking.  I think it’s very important to know where your food comes from and what’s in it.  This is a wonderful way to enjoy food and the process in a way that is healthy for you and the animal.”                -Jessica “It is amazing to spend one morning and be able to come out with a finished product – it really helps to understand how easy it can be!” “Great fun, not too intense – easily understandable.” Mallory, Kelly and Abigail graduated on November 14, 2010! Mallory and Abigail are sisters-in-law, Abigail and Kelly forever in love and just bought a farm in Penrose, Colorado.  They plan to get goats and chickens within the next year…but taking the class might jump-start their plans! “We plan on starting a small farm and it is nice to get some hands on experience.  It is also nice seeing the other things you can do with goat milk (yogurt, cheeses, warm milk with sugar).” “This is an awesome opportunity, whether you want the “farm life” or just to be able to give yourself a little taste of it.  As people who want to make our own lives as self-sustained as possible, it is a huge encouragement to see others on the same path for us to learn from.  I feel like we are leaving with a new friend and maybe even a mentor!                                                                                           – Abigail “The class was an awesome experience!  It was nice to learn how simple/healthy life can be by milking goats and making your own cheese.  I look forward to using and passing down these life lessons to my own son.”                  -Mallory Linda, Susie, Elizabeth and David graduated on November 2, 2010! Linda loves goat’s milk and her dog, Jackson, will hardly eat his food unless it is swimming in goat’s milk.  Susie has hiked the Garden of the Gods for years and brought The Goat Cheese Lady Garlic Herb Cheese to her last book group.  Elizabeth home schools her son, David.  She and her husband run a naturopathic/chiropractic/acupuncture clinic in Black Forest. “This is a great way to learn about goats and cheese.  Cheese does not come shrink wrapped.  Milk does not come from a box.  Lindsey is a terrific, organized teacher – also very clean and sanitary.  No worries about eating our cheese!” – Elizabeth “Loved the info about goat’s milk vs. cow’s milk.  Enjoyed the sharing of other participants!” “Being at Lindsey’s home is like being with “Great Family” members.  Lindsey has beautiful gifts and talents.” Gail, Bob, Dianna and Rita graduated on October 26, 2010. Gail is planning to get Kinder Dairy Goats (Nubian/Pygmy cross) in the spring.  Dianna and Bob have wethers (castrated goats) now for weed eating.  They might get dairy goats.   Rita raises bees and just thought it would be fun to make goat cheese.   They said: “CHEEESE!” “I’m impressed with how much you’ve learned in such a short amount of time!” “Very fun!” “Very informative!” Carol, Lauren, Lesa and Marsha took the class on  October 23rd.  They said: “It was my first experience milking…and it was so much fun!” “Goat Basics in the heart of Colorado Springs!  Such fun and so “grassroots!” “It was so rewarding to drink the milk that we had just milked from the goat and I can’t even put into words how delicious it was!  The cheese that you eat at lunch alone is worth the cost of the class!” Left to Right:  Peggy, Kelly, Helena, Patty took the class on October 17th 2010.  They said: “City girl gets a touch of the farm!  The class made me appreciate what goes into getting foods I depend on.  It is easier to buy in the store, but you have no idea what is REALLY in it!” “Great!  Fabulous!! Every city girl should do it!” “Beautiful little farm tucked away near the Garden of the Gods” “Like a trip to the farm – a step back in time when things were a bit simpler and more self-sufficient.” “Very informative and informal.  Questions were answered, and great company!”   “I enjoyed meeting like-minded ladies and seeing how others do things.  It was a wonderful meal and really good discussion.  It’s a rural setting within the city.” -Melina (10-5-10) “Making a product, literally from scratch, is an amazing learning experience.  Lindsey is organized, on time, knowledgeable, and produces a very tasty product, as well as a wonderful brunch exhibiting all the various things that can be made from goat’s milk.  I felt so HEALTHY when I left to drive home!!” – Rachel (10-5-10) “The Goat Cheese Lady makes really good cheese.  But don’t tell her I snuck some bread.” – 3-year-old student (10-5-10) “I enjoyed meeting everyone, learning new things and the food, of course!  It was very enjoyable and I highly recommend it!” – Mary (10-5-10)

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