My Writing Buddies

I have the opportunity, every Wednesday, to attend Sherry Johns’ writing group in her Skye Blue Yoga studio here in our sweet little town of Penrose, Colorado.  We are all at some stage of wanting to write or of actively writing…something.  Each session, our little group convenes to read what we’ve been working on in the past week.  Then, we each randomly choose from a blue swan vase full of hundreds of cut up index cards adorned with hand written prompts, write for 10 minutes about that prompt (fiction, non-fiction, poetry…really just anything that comes to mind…typically without much editing) and read it aloud if we so choose.

Right now, I’ve decided I’ll read it to you.

But first, the prompt I drew was…“Write about the number 49.”

So, here goes:

I’m 41.  Or 42?  I think I’m 41.  Yes.  42 in May.  Born May 19, 1975, the math indicates I’ll be 42 in May.  So what about when I’m 49?  What will have happened? Where will I be?  In 7 years, my baby will be 16 – driving.  In 7 years, my first born will be 19 – college.  

And here I thought this would be an unemotional topic.

In 7 years, Herbert will have a booming home remodeling business.  His gray hairs from the past 10 years will become black again – if only in his reduced stress level.

In 7 years, I will have worked out all the kinks in The Goat Cheese Lady Creamery.  Routine and learning and finances and good cheese will allow for an employee or two so we can go on vacation…for the 6th year in a row.  The European Cheese Tour – with a stop in Barcelona for a soccer game – looks good at 49! 

And that’s it.

What my brain rambled out after reading “Write about the number 49.”  Sherry says writing for 10 minutes about a prompt is an exercise to “get the juices flowing.”  I’m counting on my juices flowing all the way through the end of my book.


Having never written a book before, I’ll take Sherry’s advice on how to get started, she’s written 4…work on the introduction first.

My writing group buddies are my accountability partners.  Each week, I tell them what I’m going to work on.  My commitments to them have caused me to blog more and this week, I will work on the introduction to my book.

– The Goat Cheese Lady

P.S.  Thanks Sherry and Claire!

About The Goat Cheese Lady

I am Lindsey. At first I was a city girl. Then I was an urban farmgirl, attempting to balance city and farm life. Now, after moving to the country, I have embarked on life as a rural farmgirl, complete with my husband, the Animal Whisperer, man of exceptional knowledge and patience, two boys who are louder than my sister and I ever were, a herd of milking goats, and a flock of egg-laying chickens. Coyotes, mice, country dogs and prairie dogs are frequent visitors. Just 45 minutes north is Colorado Springs, the setting for our first six years in the goat world. Our family. Our city friends. Our introduction to cheesemaking. But we...and our growing farm and soon-to-be creamery...have set up shop down off of Highway 115 in Penrose, Colorado.
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4 Responses to My Writing Buddies

  1. Marsha Lee says:

    I love your writing,especially your sense of humor! Keep writing.

  2. florasforum says:

    Writing groups are pretty vital for writers, especially in those years when you’re trying to figure it all out. I’m glad you have a group to keep you on track and provide feedback and support.

  3. Susan Frazee says:

    Lindsey, I am enjoying all your writings. Keep it up. You have the talent. Susie

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Mom says:

    Thanks Sherry and Claire from the mom of the Goat 🐐Cheese Lady.

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