Maybe I’ll write a book.

It’s dangerous cutting onions.


Which is what I was doing just before calling my sister.

We were both cooking dinner.

I told her I’ve been thinking about (for 6 years) writing a book.  I think about it every winter when things slow down and there is time to contemplate such projects.

I told her that when researching writing a book a few weeks ago, I looked at the Chelsea Green Publishing website and read their requirements for submitting a potential book.  The two points that stuck in my mind were (in my reworded nutshell):

1. Why is your book different than all the others out there?

2. What’s so special about you?

I told her that I asked an honest friend, What’s so special about me?  Would someone want to read a book I write?  My friend said I’m an inspiration.  Then someone on Facebook said the same thing.  Is that a reason to write a book?

Then I told her that I spent the afternoon reading old posts, mostly from the first year (2010) of my blog.  You should grab a coffee and do that too.  Some are pretty funny.

So, pretty much, that’s where I am.  Should I? or Shouldn’t I?

– The Goat Cheese Lady


About The Goat Cheese Lady

I am Lindsey. At first I was a city girl. Then I was an urban farmgirl, attempting to balance city and farm life. Now, after moving to the country, I have embarked on life as a rural farmgirl, complete with my husband, the Animal Whisperer, man of exceptional knowledge and patience, two boys who are louder than my sister and I ever were, a herd of milking goats, and a flock of egg-laying chickens. Coyotes, mice, country dogs and prairie dogs are frequent visitors. Just 45 minutes north is Colorado Springs, the setting for our first six years in the goat world. Our family. Our city friends. Our introduction to cheesemaking. But we...and our growing farm and soon-to-be creamery...have set up shop down off of Highway 115 in Penrose, Colorado.
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10 Responses to Maybe I’ll write a book.

  1. Cindy Winter says:

    Yes! You should write a book! I love reading your blog! I was so bummed when life got in the way and you quit for year or 3. I missed it! And have been happy to see you coming back and giving it another go, even if it might not be as frequently as before.
    You inspire people, you educate people and you have a hilarious way of relating your experiences. So yeah, you are different than other people who write books! Who else writes about peeing their pants while at a meeting??? LMAO Oh the memories… now I want to go read all those old blogs again!

    • Yikes Cindy! I just realized my inital response to your comment never went through!! And, now, I’m cracking up! The only blog I ever semi-regret posting was the peeing my pants at a meeting one…a little TMI…so now, I’m cracking up again! I really appreciate your kind words and support of me continuing to write. Sometimes…life gets in the way, but so does my own thinking that people won’t miss if it if I don’t write. Thanks for reminding me you do. Lindsey

  2. Debie says:

    You should absolutely write a book. You are so funny. Even when things get crazy, you have a humorous perspective. You’ve already got a great start with your blog. Use it!

  3. marianne flenniken says:

    of course you should!

  4. Steve Scherb says:

    Yes you should i like reading your emails i liked the one about meeting the bee keeper at the exit and the one where you killed the snake there is so many more stories about the canal and all the wildflowers seeds the rich soil you had brought to your garden so yes write the book oh and i have the bell that i bought from your yard sale its hanging in a tree at my parents house

  5. Shopper says:

    Well, you inspired me. I have more soap than I know what to do with. In addition we just bought five acres in Chino Valley, Arizona. We will be near aging and ailing parents. The best part is that I can have gobs of chickens, goats, and other animals. I have no clue where to start, but we’ll figure it out.

    I may have to go through and read your old blogs to help. A book would be inspiring.



  6. Linnea Bjorkman says:

    Put me on the list to get an advance copy, please!

  7. Jen Dionisio says:

    Do It!!!!!!

  8. Susan Frazee says:

    Go for it. Why not write your story!

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