Mad Dash To Keep The House From Flooding.

Yesterday evening during and after three flash flood warning calls from Rachael Plath, two brain wrenching emergency warning sirens from both of our cell phones and the near constant Manitou ‘Move To Higher Ground’ man voice and flood siren, torrential rains fell.

A hurricane must have made landfall somewhere in the near vicinity because in my life as a Colorado Springs native, I Do Not Believe I’ve ever seen as much and as hard and as dramatic sideways rain as I saw yesterday.  Had it been snow, it would have been a white out blizzard.

Our new gutters spouted water out of their overflowing ends from the 20 foot high roofline, causing the boys to glory in the: “Look Mom, Waterfalls!!!”…while I mentally proclaimed, water is supposed to go DOWN through the downspouts…not OVER and OUT the ends of the gutters.

We gaped in awe as the dry gully below us became a dangerously rushing Class 5 that carried with it an entire tree trunk.

And, thank you very much, in true Mom fashion, I used that as a teaching moment:  “DO NOT EVER go in a dry ravine Before, During or After rain.  YOU might get TAKEN OUT by a Huge Tree Trunk like that.  LOOK IN MY EYES: DID YOU HEAR ME????”  Aaah, yes, another one of my prime mom moments.

Just north of the house, the parking area rapidly filled with three to four inches of water.  Problem:  If the water continued to make its way around and behind the barrier logs and flow toward the house, the basement would likely be the recipient of that Garden of the Gods colored water.

As I began donning my rain gear, I saw The Animal Whisperer had beat me to it.  He was in full on water control mode, complete with ski pants, rain slicker and pick ax, tromping out to greet Noah and the Ark.

By the time I gathered tools and shouted at the children to PUT ON YOUR RAIN BOOTS! The Animal Whisperer had already drained at least half of the parking area with a series of rapidly dug miniature trenches AWAY from the house.

It became a whole family affair with the boys, The Animal Whisperer and me all on some sort of tool, eventually moving from the north swamp to the barn.  Thank Goodness The Barn Has A NEW Roof!!!  The animals were safe and semi-dry inside, but another lake had begun forming in the flats around the southwest corner of the barn.  Quick ditch digging began again, culminating with a group effort of laying one of those long, black, snakey drainage pipes from the downspout all the way out to the south 40.  There Ain’t No Rain Gonna Settle There No More.  Hmmmf.

And, so there.  We saved the basement from becoming a swimming pool, and we completed a barn drainage project that has needed to be done for some time.  And, when, may I ask is a better time to do it than in the crux of a crisis?

Man we work fast.

–  The Goat Cheese Lady

About The Goat Cheese Lady

I am Lindsey. At first I was a city girl. Growing up, the closest thing I had to farm animals were a cat and a cockatiel. In 2009, Herbert (my husband) and I bought our first milk goat and I instantly became an urban farmgirl, attempting to balance city and farm life..before I knew “urban homesteading” was a thing. That’s when we began The Goat Cheese Lady Farm, hence The Goat Cheese Lady blog you’re visiting now. After moving to the country in 2014, I embarked on life as a rural farmgirl. We continued teaching farm and cheesemaking classes, raising more goats and began construction on our cheese creamery. But life had other plans and in 2017, we decided that, due to financial and health issues, we had to close the farm for business. No more classes, no more creamery, a lot less milking. We went back to off farm jobs, I as an Occupational Therapist, Herbert in construction with his business, D&A Home Remodeling. At that point, I made a silent promise to myself that I would corral my entrepreneurial mind and focus on a job for a year. Well, it has been a year and I am back. Not to classes, cheese, soap or lotion, but back to writing. I love it. I’m not sure where it will lead me, but that’s where I’m starting. I’ll continue to write as The Goat Cheese Lady for now, and whatever the future holds, I’ll let you know. Our two boys are 14 and 11 and continue to be louder than my sister and I ever were. We have two dogs, Montaña and Flash, a cat, Jumpy, a flock of chickens and three goats. Yes, we still have Lucy, the goat who helped us start it all and was milked by over 1,000 people. She’s retired but still the boss. Chocolate provides enough milk for our family with some to spare for the dogs. Soccer friends, school friends, coyotes and mice are frequent visitors. There are way too many flies and every so often we see an owl. I’m glad you’re here. Sometimes you’ll laugh out loud, other times you’ll be inspired to appreciate the small things. My hope is that, over your morning cup of coffee or your afternoon work break, you’ll enjoy the antics and inspiration that are my daily life. Lindsey
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4 Responses to Mad Dash To Keep The House From Flooding.

  1. Ann Cott says:

    Yikes! Yes I saw on the news about the flooding on 31st St. and thought of you. . . . Ann

  2. Donna Ross says:

    The best time to find out how your yard drains, is during the storm when you can re-direct it BEFORE it causes problems. and that was a nasty storm, wasn’t it?

  3. Melina says:

    I’m glad you guys are ok. So much for my thought that you are high and dry in these storms!

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