Free Calcium For Your Chickens!

If you have chickens, you have eggs.  Therefore, as a natural byproduct, you have eggshells.  Lots of them.

You’ve always wondered what to do with the cracked little gems…you put them in the compost, or you fill the little shells with dirt and start seeds in them, or you put them down the disposal, or you chuck ’em in the trash.

Well, STOP all of that RIGHT NOW.  (sit Ubu sit, good dog.  Ruff.)

Since you have chickens, (or if you don’t you may get them at some point in the near future…it’s the latest craze you know…), you need to be saving those shells, letting them dry out, and then grinding them up into smithereens to feed back to your chickies.

The other options are:

1.  Go to the feed store to buy ground up oyster shells to give the girls so they get extra calcium to build strong egg shells.

2.  Do nothing and risk getting soft, squishy, mushy eggshells.

But, if you are interested in:

A.  Saving Money

B.  Using Local Products

C.  Participating in the natural cycle that is nature,

You could be and should be grinding up your eggshells to give to the egg laying ladies.

Here’s how:

Start with a pile of dried shells.  What I mean is, they are dry because you’ve let them sit out on the window sill or the counter or in a basket for a few days.  I do not mean, and please listen closely, that you have to rinse them and dry them with a special little egg shell towelette or anything like that.  That would just be absurd.

They don’t stink at all.  They dry in a day or so.  So, to avoid the affliction that I am often stricken with, Lining Them Up On The Window Sill Until They Start Falling Off Because There Are WAAAY Too Many, put them in a container under the sink.  Each time you crack an egg, just toss the shell right into the out-of-sight container where it will dry in its own time.

Once that container is overflowing, or preferably just before, toss ’em in the blender.  And grind them up till they’re pretty small.  Small enough for the chickens to peck at, but not so fine that you could confuse them with flour when you’re baking.  They are gluten free, I think, but they wouldn’t probably taste too good in bread.

Then, The Animal Whisperer took the last batch and mixed it in with the metal trashcan full of chicken feed so that they get a calcium fortified meal every time they eat.  Or, you can just toss a handful a day out on the ground for them to peck at.

Whatever suites your fancy.

–  The Goat Cheese Lady

P.S.  Does anyone remember Ubu?  Or is it just me?


About The Goat Cheese Lady

I am Lindsey. At first I was a city girl. Then I was an urban farmgirl, attempting to balance city and farm life. Now, after moving to the country, I have embarked on life as a rural farmgirl, complete with my husband, the Animal Whisperer, man of exceptional knowledge and patience, two boys who are louder than my sister and I ever were, a herd of milking goats, and a flock of egg-laying chickens. Coyotes, mice, country dogs and prairie dogs are frequent visitors. Just 45 minutes north is Colorado Springs, the setting for our first six years in the goat world. Our family. Our city friends. Our introduction to cheesemaking. But we...and our growing farm and soon-to-be creamery...have set up shop down off of Highway 115 in Penrose, Colorado.
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2 Responses to Free Calcium For Your Chickens!

  1. edgwickfarm says:

    I think this is a great idea! I have always been warned that this encourages egg eating but I think by breaking them up it will confuse the hen.

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