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Spreading Awareness

Humbly, I must say, I am spreading awareness on behalf of my dear, childhood friend, Shannon.  OK, it’s not really humbly.  It’s actually after cracking up for at least 10 minutes while talking to her yesterday. As you now know, I am … Continue reading

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Facebook: Final?

Thank you, Bonnie, for your help!!!!!!!!  It worked! After creating two personal profiles, by accident, then deleting one, then setting up a “page” for The Goat Cheese Lady, I believe I’m in business.  So, here is my next, and hopefully … Continue reading

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Facebook: Take 2

In my attempt to continue my entrance into the 21st century (only 11 years late), I have set up a Facebook page for The Goat Cheese Lady.  It only took about 227 people to tell my I should and that … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!!!!

It has now been precisely 1 year and 2 days since we got our first two goats.  And, who knew what would happen since then… 1.  I gained 13 pounds.  Yikes. 2.  We had three does (goat girls) birth a … Continue reading

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