My Radio Debutt. I Mean, Debut.

 It happened.  I, and 4 of my cheeses, appeared on KVOR am 740 at approximately 12:13 pm last Saturday.  I actually spoke without my brain slamming shut in the face of knowing that tens of people were listening.  And, I didn’t have as much of a weird accent as I do when I listen to myself on my own voicemail.  That was a relief.  (Sometimes I sound like a mix of Canadian or Minnesotan, oddly enough, because I have no ancestral ties to either area.) 

Not that Canadian or Minnesotan accents are weird.  I didn’t mean that.  I just mean that I think Coloradans aren’t know for their accents.  I think we don’t have accents.  So, to hear my voice, accented, on my voicemail, is the weird part.  Not you, Rachel, or any others from that neck of the woods.

You can hear it by clicking on the “download file” link below, then click save, then save again, then open, then click the arrow to “play”, and I start talking at 8:26 minutes.  Just in case you want to hear it….

1.22.2011 – Table Talk
download file

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  It is the first time I’ve ever been on the radio.  I got a sty in my left eye the night before.  So, it’s good it wasn’t TV.  I showed up looking, in my opinion, rather like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (minus Toto) with my braid and my basket of cheeses, bread, crackers and soap held in the crook of my elbow. 

“Are you a farmer?”, one of the other participants ventured.

“Yes!!”  “I’m the Goat Cheese Lady!!”

Ohhhh, I get excited about small things.

Besides me, there were three other interviewees on the show, and all very interesting. 


Aimee Cooper talked about her “Cuisine on the Scene” business that she and her husband started around 4 in the morning (after an all night brainstorming session) after they both lost their jobs in the same 24 hour period.  Now, they have a company and nine (and hiring) drivers that pick up food from restaurants throughout Colorado Springs and deliver the food to your house or office!  She was dressed to the nines, a self-proclaimed non-cook, and spoke passionately about developing her business with her husband and about working with corporate heads at various chain restaurants to get them to use her company’s services (hint, hint:  PF Changs and Whole Foods, it would be good for business if you jumped on her band wagon).  All of her drivers have GPS.

I really was in awe listening to Aimee talk.  Despite some of our differences…I cook almost everything we eat, I rarely eat out, I get chills thinking of ever working in corporate America, I was dressed more like Dorothy, and I don’t even know how a GPS works, I was totally in awe.

She and I are two peas in the entrepreneurial pod.  I have such an appreciation for people who take the risk to be different.  Risk not getting a bi-weekly pay check in exchange for being self-employed.  So, whether you have your own business delivering restaurant food to hungry people, or you are a dog walker for a living or you are the Goat Cheese Lady, I admire you.

Wait.  Did I just say I admire myself?

And, Greg.  He’s on the right.  He is a local chef and owner of Blue Sage Catering (and soon to be cafe) who inspired new recipe creativity in me in a matter of about 3 minutes.  After telling me about his goat cheese creation involving layers of cheese, red stuff (involving tomatoes), green stuff (involving pesto) and black stuff (involving olives) I was hooked.  But, I will only let him give you the actual recipe.

He also made my life much easier, in 3 words.  Pipe It In. 

Pipe What In you may ask?

Filling.  For stuffed squash blossoms.  I make (or attempt to) stuffed squash blossoms in the summer by mixing cheese with herbs or mushrooms and stuffing the squash blossoms, dipping them in batter and frying them.  But, I actually STUFF in the filling.  With a spoon.  Being as gentle as possible to the easy-to-tear blossoms, wiping up drips, glops and chunks that fall out of each side of the blossom because stuffing a  spoon into a long, tubular flower is like trying to insert a wad of cheese into the open end of a soap bubble when it is still hooked to the little dip-stick used to blow bubbles.  It doesn’t work.

Thus the words:  Pipe It In.  A chorus of cooking angels sang behind me with that epiphany.  Sort of high-pitched, “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.”

Use a frosting bag with a tip, blend the filling up and squeeze it through the wide open tip into the flower.  Now, I’m aching for my first squash blossom.

And, finally, Laura (third from the right, above).  She was advertising the Glass Slipper Ball which is a fundraiser for The Zonta Club of Colorado Springs.  The club is a “worldwide service organization of executives in business and the professions working together to advance the status of women.” 

So, all in all, it was a success.  A great experience and a chance to meet exceptional people.

I am thankful for having had the chance to be on the show.

–  The Goat Cheese Lady

P.S.  Next up, David Letterman.

About The Goat Cheese Lady

I am Lindsey. At first I was a city girl. Growing up, the closest thing I had to farm animals were a cat and a cockatiel. In 2009, Herbert (my husband) and I bought our first milk goat and I instantly became an urban farmgirl, attempting to balance city and farm life..before I knew “urban homesteading” was a thing. That’s when we began The Goat Cheese Lady Farm, hence The Goat Cheese Lady blog you’re visiting now. After moving to the country in 2014, I embarked on life as a rural farmgirl. We continued teaching farm and cheesemaking classes, raising more goats and began construction on our cheese creamery. But life had other plans and in 2017, we decided that, due to financial and health issues, we had to close the farm for business. No more classes, no more creamery, a lot less milking. We went back to off farm jobs, I as an Occupational Therapist, Herbert in construction with his business, D&A Home Remodeling. At that point, I made a silent promise to myself that I would corral my entrepreneurial mind and focus on a job for a year. Well, it has been a year and I am back. Not to classes, cheese, soap or lotion, but back to writing. I love it. I’m not sure where it will lead me, but that’s where I’m starting. I’ll continue to write as The Goat Cheese Lady for now, and whatever the future holds, I’ll let you know. Our two boys are 14 and 11 and continue to be louder than my sister and I ever were. We have two dogs, Montaña and Flash, a cat, Jumpy, a flock of chickens and three goats. Yes, we still have Lucy, the goat who helped us start it all and was milked by over 1,000 people. She’s retired but still the boss. Chocolate provides enough milk for our family with some to spare for the dogs. Soccer friends, school friends, coyotes and mice are frequent visitors. There are way too many flies and every so often we see an owl. I’m glad you’re here. Sometimes you’ll laugh out loud, other times you’ll be inspired to appreciate the small things. My hope is that, over your morning cup of coffee or your afternoon work break, you’ll enjoy the antics and inspiration that are my daily life. Lindsey
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6 Responses to My Radio Debutt. I Mean, Debut.

  1. Susan and Dave Jones says:

    We heard you on the radio! So cool! You did an awesome job! Now we know a celebrity!

  2. copper's servant says:

    way to go lindsey!!!

  3. Rachel says:

    Awesome job Lindsey. And just so you know – if you truly want to sound like a Minnesotan – all you have to do is say No with TWO syllables – as in No…ah…. That’ll do ‘er. Ya Shur:)

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