Day 1 – Milking (July 18, 2010)

After the entire day’s work finishing the goat pen in 98 degree weather, and being thoroughly and utterly exhausted and starving, we still had to milk.

WE HAD NEVER MILKED ANYTHING IN OUR LIVES.  Our goats were sort of like our kids.  They did not come with instruction books.  Or training sessions.

Oh, wait, I take that back.  The farmer we bought them from did give me a 12 second training in milking.  He said “You just go like this,” and showed me to put my index finger to the base of my thumb on that wedge of skin between your thumb and index finger, then squeeze in your middle finger, then your ring finger, then your pinky finger.  He milked the air with his hand. 

12 seconds.  That was it.  I was now educated.

And it only took 5 of us to milk Canela the first time.


My mother-in-law holding the goat’s head, the Animal Whisperer holding her feet (we learned this important step after she stepped in the milk), both boys running to get grass to feed her, and me, the expert, milking.

In this first episode, the expert got pooped on, got poop in the milk and allowed the goat to step in the milk. 

And, to milk two goats, it took 45 minutes.  We had no milk stand.  We had hardly a finished goat pen.  We had no knowledge. 

But we had five of us.  And that’s what it took to get them milked the first time, the second, third, fourth and fifth times.  Twice a day.

Things can only get better from here.

 – The Goat Cheese Lady


About The Goat Cheese Lady

I am Lindsey. At first I was a city girl. Then I was an urban farmgirl, attempting to balance city and farm life. Now, after moving to the country, I have embarked on life as a rural farmgirl, complete with my husband, the Animal Whisperer, man of exceptional knowledge and patience, two boys who are louder than my sister and I ever were, a herd of milking goats, and a flock of egg-laying chickens. Coyotes, mice, country dogs and prairie dogs are frequent visitors. Just 45 minutes north is Colorado Springs, the setting for our first six years in the goat world. Our family. Our city friends. Our introduction to cheesemaking. But we...and our growing farm and soon-to-be creamery...have set up shop down off of Highway 115 in Penrose, Colorado.
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