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We had some options at the precious farm in Black Forest:   Can you figure out which one we picked? The character in the rear was adorable, but we aren’t in the miniature horse market…unfortunately. The character in the front … Continue reading

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 I slept in a little, but not enough to miss this: And this: And this: The only unfortunate thing is, these pictures don’t show how flamingly orange the rocks really were.  In my future, there’s a new camera. – The Goat … Continue reading

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City Girl At The Vet

Today was the first time I got goat pee all over my arm.  The Animal Whisperer is finishing the deck.  He is working feverishly with his brother but he has to stop to take the goats to the vet to … Continue reading

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Today’s Graduates of the Cheese Making Class!

 After the get-to-know-you-cup-of-coffee, here’s how class starts: We throw the novices straight at the hardest-to-milk-goat.  Rachel was brave.  She was not afraid.  She attacked the challenge head-on.  She took the bull by the horns.  Or, I guess, the goat by the … Continue reading

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Carnivorous Plants.

Who has heard of a carnivorous plant?  Not I said the fly. Until my visit to a coffee shop the other day. Next to my Grande Chai (that my sister so generously spent half of her gift card on) this … Continue reading

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Why’d You Get Goats?

Inferred/Perceived:  Why [the heck] (nose wrinkled) did you get (wrinkle nose up even more, furrow brow and sort of squint eyes) goats??? Great question. I wasn’t raised on a farm.  The Animal Whisperer never had goats.  We live in the … Continue reading

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Why I Am (NOT) The Animal Whisperer.

Phone rings at 9:00 am.  Neighbor tells me,  “Make sure the 3-year-old is inside…there’s a huge bear headed your way!!”  Safe from bear attacks, both kids are in school. I yell to the Animal Whisperer,  “GET IN THE CAR!  WE’VE … Continue reading

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