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For The Love Of My Father.

In this order: 1.  I love my dad. 2.  Sorry mom. Now, more details: Regarding item #1.  As you know, yesterday was Father’s Day, and I love my dad.  He has been a hard worker my whole life, loves my … Continue reading

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Please help us CURE Cystic Fibrosis!!!

My sister and I grew up with Samantha and Libby .  They are sisters who were born with Cystic Fibrosis, a deadly genetic disease that affects the lungs and digestion of 30,000 children and young adults around the world.  At that time, … Continue reading

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Lucy’s Turn!

Three Days Ago: Goats don’t plan their births for the most convenient times.  OK.  You’re right, they don’t plan them at all.  So, whoever is in charge of the whole “when should I get down to business and get these … Continue reading

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Something like an Olympian?

We went skiing a couple of weeks ago, and after finishing 4 or 5 green runs (the easiest hills) with my husband and two boys, sister and brother-in-law, we went in for lunch. Before I proceed, I’d like to point some things out: … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned: Part 2

…the blasted thing EXPLODED!  (My sister-in-law, who had been standing behind me, said it looked like a mushroom cloud of oil came UP and OUT OF the pot.) I heard a loud noise, saw the oil sink down around the … Continue reading

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Introducing My New Facebook Manager!!

Over the past year or so, I have tackled Facebook head-on with less-than-mediocre enthusiasm.  Despite how many people tell me how great it is, I just have not latched on.  I get on Facebook once every blue moon (or less) … Continue reading

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“Your Folks Are More Important Than My Stuff”

That’s how the Waldo Canyon Fire outpouring of goodness started for me. My parent’s neighborhood had been coned off and the entrance blocked by security guards and police because their neighborhood had been placed on Mandatory Evacuation Status due to … Continue reading

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The Goat Cheese Lady Team!!!

My sister and I are a few years older than Samantha and Libby, but we grew up together.  My parents have been friends with Steve and Debi, Samantha and Libby’s parents, since the early 80′s, and when my parents learned that Sam … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!!!!

It has now been precisely 1 year and 2 days since we got our first two goats.  And, who knew what would happen since then… 1.  I gained 13 pounds.  Yikes. 2.  We had three does (goat girls) birth a … Continue reading

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Wap Wap

I was abused as a child.  By the piano.  My sister and I, and all of our unsuspecting cousins, were forced by our mothers, to take piano lessons.  From Aunt Verda.  I believe I can speak for all of us:  … Continue reading

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