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And Two More Makes Five!

We checked on Sally last night around 9 pm when we did chores.  Her udder was full and she’d been by herself a lot of the day, no signs of mucousy discharge.  Birth did not seem imminent.  We watched a … Continue reading

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Feeding Urban Families One Goat At A Time

Feeding urban families one goat at a time December 16, 2012 by csukach Herbert Aparicio, urban farmer, works to build a bigger greenhouse on his urban farm in Colorado Springs, Colo., Oct. 24, 2012. The greenhouse will be warmed by … Continue reading

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“Your Folks Are More Important Than My Stuff”

That’s how the Waldo Canyon Fire outpouring of goodness started for me. My parent’s neighborhood had been coned off and the entrance blocked by security guards and police because their neighborhood had been placed on Mandatory Evacuation Status due to … Continue reading

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Thank You Seems Insufficient

But they are the only words I can say.  To ALL of you who have worked so hard to save not only our lives and homes, but also our community. Thank You Fire Fighters!  Thanks to all of you, my … Continue reading

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This Year’s Chicken Coops For Sale…So Far…(He’s always inventing more!)

Coop prices start at $400.  Call Herbert for details.  719-651-6480. Coop with Side Nesting Box.  Easy to access egg boxes, just raise the small right side roof and grab out the eggs!  Comes with ladder into the front door of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!!

It’s time for DREAM LISTS AGAIN!!!  Yahoo!!!  It’s always motivating to feel like you’ve got a clean slate…that you can start anew.  Thanks to my mom’s passion for setting goals and dreams and figuring out how to attain them, my … Continue reading

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Free Calcium For Your Chickens!

If you have chickens, you have eggs.  Therefore, as a natural byproduct, you have eggshells.  Lots of them. You’ve always wondered what to do with the cracked little gems…you put them in the compost, or you fill the little shells … Continue reading

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Singing: All I Want For Christ-mas Is A Chi-cken Coop (Gift Certificate)!!!

You’ve already got your two front teeth, so this year, (think of the song in your head)….“All I want for Christ-mas is a chi-cken coop.”   You know you’ve been thinking about getting chickens, right?  I mean, it’s the newest … Continue reading

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