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And Two More Makes Five!

We checked on Sally last night around 9 pm when we did chores.  Her udder was full and she’d been by herself a lot of the day, no signs of mucousy discharge.  Birth did not seem imminent.  We watched a … Continue reading

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Lucy’s Turn!

Three Days Ago: Goats don’t plan their births for the most convenient times.  OK.  You’re right, they don’t plan them at all.  So, whoever is in charge of the whole “when should I get down to business and get these … Continue reading

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Which Goat Do You Think Will Kid First?

Here’s Lucy: Here’s Dottie: Here are the facts:  Dottie was due yesterday, April 12.  Lucy is due April 21.  Both of them look like they are the beginnings of labor…TODAY. Which one do you think will have her babies first??? … Continue reading

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Let The Breeding Begin

Well, it’s breeding time again, and this year’s show immediately turned out better than last year’s sit-on-the-sidelines-waiting-for-some-action flop. Remember last year?  We took Canela and Lucy to a farm to be bred, with our only breeding experience being a book … Continue reading

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