On A Hay Bale Under The Moonlight…

Remember my favorite store?  It’s Eve’s Revolution.  Locally owned, cute clothes, nice people.

About a month ago, I used the last of a gift card from my parents to buy a cream-colored dress off the sale rack.  When I paid for it, Julia, who happened to be working at Eve’s that day, exclaimed:

“You would look SO cute sitting on a HAY BALE under the MOONLIGHT in this dress!”

I laughed at the vision, although grossly unrealistic, of ME.  Sitting on a hay bale under the moonlight.  In a dress.  With a glass of red wine.  And goats frolicking in the green grass surrounding me.

“Do you REALLY think THAT’S what my life is LIKE?”

Julia and I agreed that many people idealize the country life.  What sticks in their minds from movies and books are the barefoot children playing with the darling animals and the woman in the flowing white dress tending to the  prolific garden and the man on his horse riding into the sunset.

Oh.  Wait.  That was actually MY vision before we embarked on this whole endeavor.

Julia then revealed…she’s a photographer. Her company is Tire Swing Photography.  That’s when the whole wear-the-new-dress-for-pictures-on-the-farm idea came to life.

I’ll show you some of her incredible pictures below:  (then I’ll remind you what our life is REALLY like.)


Yes, my life is always spent barefoot, pondering the sunset with lipstick on.


I love The Animal Whisperer’s smile.  His whole face lights up.


My precious (three) boys.  First time we’ve had *real* family pictures.


I didn’t have time to get the hay bale out, so we perched on the crab apple tree instead.


Reality…just in case you aren’t convinced that urban farm life really isn’t this glamorous(although the pictures are stunning)


Above is  how I usually dress while working outside in the garden or orchard or with the animals…plus I usually have big black rubber boots on to complete the outfit (see boots below.)


And this is my get up for delivering goat kids.

So what do you think?  You wanna be a farmer with me?  Just bring your hay bale and wear your cute dress.  We’ll sit under the moonlight and drink some wine.

-  The Goat Cheese Lady

P.S.  Thanks Julia!!!!  We love the pictures!!!





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What We Do With Egg Shells:

1.  Get a basket.

2.  Put it under the sink.

3.  Every time you use an egg, put the shell in the basket…even with the stringy, sticky egg whites still sliming it.


4.  Leave them there until they pile so high they start falling out of the basket.

5.  Take them outside.

6.  Dump them out on a board inside your chicken coop.

7.  Stomp them into tiny pieces.

8.  Your chickens will eat them.


9.  Which gives calcium to the chickens.

10.  Which makes their egg shells stronger.

11.  Which saves you money.

12.  Because you don’t have to buy crushed oyster shells.

Glad we had that talk.

-  The Goat Cheese Lady

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Are You Coming To The Farm To Table Dinner?


It’s tomorrow evening at our farm and we’re getting it all gussied up.


The goats have never seen this place looking so good!  (Neither have we…)


And, I just wired handled about 20 mason jars for dangling candle light.

In case you missed them…here are the details:

To buy tickets, click here.  We sure hope you’ll be able to join us!!

-  The Goat Cheese Lady

P.S.  Are you curious about the menu?  Mmmmmm…..here it is by Full Circle Cuisine: Smoke Roasted Callicrate Beef Ragumarinated goat brie salad,  fresh chevre polenta and  lavender honey goat cheese cake.  Not bad for a night on the farm…right?




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Coffee ‘n Goats


There’s nothing quite like sitting on a rock, drinking coffee (and eating chocolate chips, of course)  and watching the goats enjoy the fresh, green grass.


They’ve been penned up most of the winter because there’s just not much natural forage for them in Colorado Springs that time of year…


…they get a little spooked at the drop of a hat…but when they aren’t nervously listening to boys making weird noises, or skittering away from the slightest movement of anything near them, they quite devour anything green in their paths.


And thanks to the early, heavy rains this spring, there’s plenty of delicious, healthy, densely growing grass…yet they still fight over the same small patch sometimes.


At least they are not interested in chocolate chips or coffee.

-  The Goat Cheese Lady


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What Are You Doing This Summer? (hint: it includes milking goats)

Will you be spending time relaxing in Colorado this summer?  Or do you know someone who is?  Are you looking for memory making experiences with the kids?

We are offering a handful of NEW CLASSES along with our current classes with SUMMER ADVENTURE in mind and we’d sure like to have you join us!

Is Milking A Goat on your Bucket List!  Sign up for the 1 hour “Goat Milking Class”!  Click Here

Your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews grow up fast! Make memories with them at the 2 hour “Kids Class at The Goat Cheese Lady Farm”!  Click Here

Are you a current or future Urban Homesteader?  You’ll love the 2 1/2 hour “Urban Homesteading Class”!  Click Here

Do you want to spend half a day with us for the whole shebang?  The 4 1/2 hour “Goat Cheese Making Class”  is the most popular!  Click Here

Have you always wondered how to make bread at this altitude?  You’ll learn all about it in “The Bread Making Class”!  Click Here

Do you LOVE the feeling of Goat Milk Soap but don’t want to pay the high prices?  Take the “Goat Milk Soap and Lotion Class”!  Click Here

We are a family friendly urban farm homestead on the west side of Colorado Springs, just south of The Garden of the Gods and at the foot of Pike’s Peak…with a view that will take your breath away.   Our farm is about an hour south of Denver and only 20 minutes from the Colorado Springs Airport.

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It’s My Birthday!!


I’m 39!  Not 43 or 52 saying I’m 39.  I really am 39!  Today at 8:19 pm.

Next year I’ll be 40.

I’m OK with that.  Since I’m still 39.

And to celebrate the ending of my 39th year of life and the beginning of my 40th…yes, think about that.  If I’m 39 today, I’ve really been alive 40 years.  But I’m not turning 40 today.  Really, I’m ONLY 39.

Anyway, to celebrate, I have already fit in quite a few things:

1.  Dinner last night with my Mom, Dad, husband, kids, two of my aunts and their partners.  Mom made a delicious dinner and my boys presented me with an ice cream cake with about 10 candles on it…  THAT TOOK ME THREE TRIES TO BLOW OUT.  They weren’t even trick candles.  (As a self-proclaimed hypochondriac, I now think I might have a deadly lung condition.  I’ll need to get that checked out, as I definitely plan to be around for my 40th birthday cake.  I also plan on holding my breath underwater every day this summer to increase my lung capacity so that next year, blowing out 10 candles won’t be such a disaster.)


2.  I awoke this morning at 5:30 intent on going on a birthday run.  Which I did, thank you very much.  I usually run around 8, after dropping the kids off at school…but seeing that my day plans to be full of working in the garden and teaching a cheese making class at the Senior Center, I started early.  And WOW, was it worth it!  The scenery was beautiful, I ran 4 miles and took about 37 pictures.  The sunrise on the rocks in The Garden of the Gods was incredible.  So were the wildflowers.


3.  Upon arriving home, my three boys surprised me with my favorite Dunkin Donut – an apple fritter…not to be confused with clean eating.  We sat out on the deck and made plans for the summer.  My vote includes a horseback ride… on someone’s horses with someone guiding us…into the mountains to pick some kind of wild food.  Chokecherries, strawberries, raspberries, mushrooms…whatever.


4.  My sister and her girls called to sing me a version of Happy Birthday that included funky chickens, smelly feet and juice boxes.


5.  My mom and dad called to sing me their fancy version of Happy Birthday.  (You should get on their list of friends or family…then maybe they’ll call you too and sing you Happy Birthday in perfect harmony.  It’s a long-standing tradition.)


6.  Mom showed up with a birthday caramel macchiato and a gift certificate for 10 YOGA CLASSES!!! for me, a Chai tea for The Animal Whisperer and chocolate milks for the boys.


7.  Next, The Animal Whisperer (who has been milking the goats while I document my morning thus far) is taking me to breakfast.

Ohhhh, how nice it is to turn 39!  And it’s only 8:32 in the morning!

-  The 39-year-old Goat Cheese Lady



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The Goats Won! Part 2

Back in 2011, I put “change city goat policy” on my Dream List

At the time, our goats were legal because we have more that 3/4 acres of land, but I wanted anyone in the city to be able to have small goats.  During that year, however, I realized legalizing goats in the city was actually not my fight.  I already had goats.  They were already legal.  I believed small goats should be legal within the city and supported people who already had them (albeit illegally), but did not have the passion that comes from being the one who can’t have them but really wants them.  The fight needed to come from a city person who had that passion.  I would support however I could.

I met Monycka a couple of years ago when she called asking if I would join her for a meeting at City Hall to further the discussion with two city employees regarding legalizing goats in Colorado Springs.  When I met her then, it was obvious she was the won’t-take-no-s*%t-from-nobody kind of woman who could get the job done and was passionate that her two less than fifty pound goats be able to live legally in her back yard.

She wonHer goats wonAll of you who wrote letters and emails to city council in support of goats wonAll of you who bombarded city council with phone calls wonYour yesterday illegal, today legal city goats wonBeing able to produce your own milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, soap, lotion, kefir, buttermilk wonWe won!

Monycka Snowbird and Councilwoman Jill Gaebler are the true heroines of this story…Monycka started the initiative as I know it and Jill gave it life on City Council.

Thanks to all of the city council members who voted YES on the ordinance.  Thanks for allowing our city to move forward, along with other cities nationwide who have also embraced giving their citizens the right to legally become more self sustainable.

As City Council decided last night, here are the specifics of the ordinance in layperson’s terms:  It is now legal for a person to own up to 4 pets.  Only two of those pets can be goats (does or wethers).

Now, go forth and milk!  Go forth and chomp weeds in the back yard!  Go forth and poop in the garden!

NO.  I am not talking to YOU!  I am talking to the 2 new goats you are going to buy.  The waiting is over!  There will be no more votes!  It’s final!!!  We Won!!!

Good Work Team!

-  The Goat Cheese Lady

P.S.  I witnessed in person the unanimous approval last night of the amended goat ordinance.  However, now, after having written the above, I glanced over at No Goats No Glory and learned there must be a second vote on May 27 to finalize the 1st vote.  Not sure I understand.  Actually, I’m sure I don’t understand.  Hmmm.  Will learn more and let you know.



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